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It’s Amy Winehouse’s Party and She Will Cry If She Wants To

Amy Winehouse is still a singer.  Despite the fact that much of her fame these days is from her tabloid-worthy antics, her primary function in this world is as a vocalist.  And sometimes, without warning,…

Sara Bareilles Covers Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’

Sara Bareilles is an amazing singer/songwriter who’s currently touring as part of this year’s resurrected Lilith Fair.  You might remember her from her earworm “Love Song” from a few years back.  But now, as part…

Effing Ukeleles, How Do They Work?

In case you’ve been under a rock, “Miracles” by Insane Clown Posse has become something of a major internet meme. This is partially due to the fact that song contains lyrics like “f**kin rainbows after…

Taylor Swift covering Boys Like Girls & Rihanna

I’m going to go ahead and admit this is pretty awesome. And people are singing along!

Crazy for Gnarls Barkley covers.

I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can turn on the radio and not hear the insanely popular 2006  Gnarls hit “Crazy”… but you know, I kind of miss it.If you are…

GCH covering “Under The Bridge” (live)

Yay, it finally worked somewhere. Live @ Chain Reaction 10/7/06!

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