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Healthy Eggnog Recipe!

Never thought you would see healthy and eggnog in the same sentence did you? It’s dairy and refined sugar free so you don’t have to feel guilty drinking….lets be honest…chugging, a few of…

The Best of BlackMilk’s Halloween Collection!

In honor of Halloween approaching I wanted to show you all my favorites from the BlackMilk Halloween collection! Between this and the Harry Potter collection I feel like BlackMilk is trying to steal all my money! I want it all! What look is your favorite? More For You: Blackmilk’s Harry Potter Line

10 American Foods That Are Banned In Other Countries

I came across this article that I wanted to share because I hope it will be as shocking to you as it is to me.

Farm Raised Salmon

My Juice Cleanse With Suja Juices

This past weekend I embarked on a 3 day juice cleanse where I consumed nothing but organic vegetable juices for 3 whole…

What I’m Currently Lusting Over: BlackMilk Clothing’s NEW Harry Potter Line

BlackMilk Clothing is releasing a new Harry Potter line on September 10 and I want it ALL. They keep teasing me everyday on Facebook with sneak peeks into the line! Here’s what they’ve teased with so far. More For You: My Breast Summer Ever on The Vans Warped Tour My Favorite Non-Toxic Beauty Products &… More »

Welcome Courtney Swan To The Buzznet Family

Hi! Courtney Swan here! I am beyond humbled and excited that Buzznet has asked me to join the Buzzmaker family. For those of you who do not know anything about me, I grew up…

My Weekend At My Friends Wedding & Tips On How To Stay Healthy On Vacation

I recently drove out to Boulder, CO for a long weekend to witness my dear friends Sean and Melanie get hitched. I have various healthy habits that I have managed to “travel proof” over the years and wanted to share some with you! I also threw in a couple pics from the wedding for fun… More »

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