Can you believe this house is real? Incredible home transformation by Katwise

Moon Babies, meet Katwise – an incredible artist residing in upstate New York and living out her fantasy of making the world a more colorful place by not just making clothes and artwork but even transforming a worn out old house into a home that resembles a neon gingerbread witch compound. She calls it Calico… More »

Interview With Kenz Torres

Dear Buzznet & Buzzneters,
I’m so honored to introduce you Kenz Torres, new member of our amazing community. He’s young man from beautiful place on earth and wonderful…

Courage to Live

Heart to Heart – Courage to LIVE There’s a new sense of freedom in me lately. I’m starting to realize more and more that just because a lot of people collectively believe in something, doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to believe in for me. At the end of the day it’s just someone else’s… More »

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