This Is Why The End Of Heartbreak Is Actually Kind Of Sad & Scary

Going through a break up, or realizing the person you desperately want to be your permanent plus one has zero interest in being romantically linked to you, is tough. There’s potential for the heartache following the heartbreak to linger for a realllly long time. However, nothing lasts forever and eventually everything settles down and one morning… More »

8 Things To Remember At The Start Of A Relationship

The beginning of a new relationship is always a beautiful, intoxicating whirlwind of emotions and kisses and thoughts like, “OMFG who is this glorious human being?” In a lot of ways, falling for someone is like jumping off a cliff… it’s crazy and exhilarating and such a leap of faith. While in the midst of… More »

People We Love Who Love Equality

As many of you may know something really great happened today, go team #equality HERE!!!

In honor of that I decided to make a blog…

Blake Lively And Martha Stewart: Time Travelers?

Blake Lively and Martha Stewart have spoken about how close they are. The two are neighbors in Connecticut. Blake, 25, has said that Martha comes over for parties…

Selena Gomez & The Biebs Back Together?!

If you’ve been keeping up with this Hollywood couple you might be convinced that Jelena is currently back on. It was only a matter of time before they rekindled after their recent splitSelena…

90’s Prom Throwback: Lance Bass & Danielle Fishel

Let’s take things back to 1999 when Lance Bass of  N’SYNC & Boy Meets World starlet Danielle Fishel went to prom together. Awwww….young love! Lance recently tweeted the throwback photo with a…

PDA Alert! Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

It’s no contest: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are pretty much the best looking, most adorable Hollywood couple ever. The duo is always so stylish, so happy, and so ridiculously in love with each other. I guess their PDA-ways would be kind of annoying if they weren’t so darn charming! Kruger, who will star in… More »

Couples That Love To Rock

The music industry is filled with vibrant couples that are talented and simply adorable. Having a relationship in the business is hard, but having a companion by your side that understands how grueling it can bee seems to be the key for these pairings. My favorite thing about these lovebirds is when the put their… More »

Single Celebrities On Valentine’s Day

[brightcove id=2163509769001 type=videoPlayer autoplay=0]

Are you facing Valentine’s day alone? Well you’re in good company! This year, the biggest stars are single this February 14!

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence are just…

The Cutest Couples Of 2012

I know it sounds corny, but I really love LOVE. I adore seeing celebrity couples in the media. Especially doing cute things together like going to baseball games, Seaworld, the beach, and so much more. I made a gallery of my favorite celeb couples of 2012, so you can gush over them with me!

The Best Couple Tattoos

So lately I have been thinking about possibly getting a new tattoo and then I got to thinking about how adorable couple tattoos are. I wouldn’t want to just get a couple tattoo with anyone, it would have to be the right person and the right time. Here are some of my couple tattoo inspirations… More »

A Couple That Rocks: Us

What’s cuter than a married couple making some sweet music together? Probably nothing.

I’d like to introduce you to the musical duo, Us. After some Youtube success as separate singer-songwriters (and newlyweds!) Carissa Rae and…

Refuse to Sink

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve done a “Tattoo Tuesday” gallery… but as I’ve mentioned, by life has been so great but busy and haven’t had the time! Now I’m back with one of my favourites: anchor tattoos. I love the idea of anchor; to me it represents stability of the emotions and… More »

Couple Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is that one night when you can dress up and be ANYTHING you want to be (and eat a bunch of candy)! While I was looking through some Halloween costume photos I came across a bunch of cute couple costumes that I thought I should share. How fun would it be to dress up… More »

30 of the best Couples Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the bend! Do you know what you want to be yet? Why not get a lover or friend and make a costume together? Last year swoon and I went as the royal wedding. I found all these amazing ideas! I hope you find something! xx

Bookies Bet On Robert Pattinson’s Love Life! (VIDEO)

There are a lot of ladies out there who would give good money to date newly single Robert Pattinson. Apparently there are also some bookmakers who are looking to make money off of the…

Top 5 Favorite Coachella Couples!

While looking at tons of pictures of celebrities from Coachella this weekend, I noticed that there were quite a few couples there! Love was definitely in the air as celebrity couples showed more PDA than usual. I really liked that they were so lovey-dovey in public, because they can’t be like that at events or… More »

53 Cuddling Animals To Brighten Your Weekend

Okay, I usually just post about music but I have a soft spot for animals and have just be in an extra love-y mood recently — so here are some animals cuddling and looking oh-so cute. Snuggle up with some one, take a look at these photos – they might bring some sunshine to your… More »

14 On-Screen Couples I Wish Were Really Dating

Let’s face it, a movie or TV show starring a couple that exude palpable chemistry on screen make you wish they were really dating. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, here is a gallery for 14 couples I wish were dating in real life; because they just had so much sexual chemistry it made me jealous… More »

What do you think of these couples?

I started this so we can actually know what people think of these couples. Annette and I  won’t give any comments about them.We just wanna know about what fans think.Feel free to say whatever you want.We’re…

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