Super Cute Halloween Costumes from Tipsy Elves!

Halloween is one my favorite times of the year!  Every year I am plagued with the pressure of coming up with an amazing costume!  But not this year… thanks to Tipsy Elves!  Tipsy Elves is a holiday-themed apparel company. They sell loads of costumes, holiday sweaters and other holiday-themed items through their website… and even donate part of… More »

Adorable Dogs In Halloween Costumes!

If you’re a puppy owner one of the best things about Halloween is the opportunity to dress up your adorable dog in an utterly amazing costume! If you haven’t gotten around to finding the perfect one to get your pup in the spirit, click into the gallery above for some super cute, creative, and easy… More »

Crazy Halloween Make Up To Inspire Your Spooky Side

With the scariest day of the year just around the corner, we’re all faced with the indecisiveness of figuring out what to dress up as. If you’re finding yourself in Halloween limbo, sometimes the best thing is to dress in all black and do some seriously insane make up. Check out the gallery below for some… More »


HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL Dr. Mojo and Flojo picked Harry Houdini and a very Sophisticated Witch for their costumes this year. Dr. Mojo is dressed in his finest Straightjacket and his best Chains. Miss Flojo is dressed as the most Sophisticated Witch in her designer Witch gown. And Dr. Mojo will get out of his chains… More »

Disney princesses dress up for Halloween!

Happy Halloween month, Moon Children! Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. We didn’t have it growing up in Estonia as it’s an entirely American concept so I only used to see it in the movies and am now makigng up for lost time. This year, I’m planning to be back in time to catch… More »

BlackMilk Launches Spooktastic Halloween Collection!

One of my all time favorite clothing brands, BlackMilk, launched their annual Halloween collection on monday, september 22nd. The collection called Pulp Horror features Halloween inspired leggings, dresses, skirts, and more made with a girls best friend, Spandex!! Check out some of my favorite pieces of the collection below and go to BlackMilk’s website to… More »

BreatheHeavy Review: Britney Spears’ “Piece Of Me” Dress Rehearsal

All eyes were on Britney Spears Thursday night at the soft opening of her “Piece of Me” show inside the newly renovated Axis theater inside Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. The 4,500 seat-theater was at…

Me, Katelyn Dressing as Courtney Love For Halloween

This year for Halloween, I knew exactally what I was going to be! If you didn’t know my favorite band is Hole and Courtney Love is the lead singer! I had to dress up as her for this reason! She also is the Queen of Grunge and she has great style! I decided to replicate… More »

Popstar Mashup: Celebs As Each Other

Going as your favorite celebrity has always been a popular Halloween costume, but this year, the most popular names in music dressed up as each other.

Harry Styles went as an even more x rated (is…

Battle Of The Mileys: Which Celebrity Rocked The Best Cyrus Costume?

With all the different, headline-grabbing looks Miley Cyrus has worn this year, it was no surprise that dressing up like her would be popular for Halloween. Members of the media were the most excited to dress up as the singer, 20. There were classic Mileys and creative interpretations. Who was your favorite Miley?

Britney Spears Halloween Costumes Throughout The Years

Meanwhile we are waiting for her new Halloween costume (Brit revealed to dress up as Snow White this year), check out this gallery with random photos from the past Britney’s Halloweens. Let me know if you have a favorite one costume 😉 Happy Halloween everyone! Related posts: #ITSBRITNEYWITCH HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Hot Or Not: Vanessa Hudgens’ Rave Angel Costume

Hollywood got started with Halloween this weekend. All the stars were out in their costumes, and Vanessa Hudgens was no exception. The actress, 24, attended a…

Halloween: Breaking Bad, Jessica Alba, Penguins, Oh My…

Halloween has always been a huge tradition in my family. Part due to the fact that one side of my fam owns one of the largest retail halloween stores in the US: The…

Major Halloween Inspiration

I love Halloween and it being October 1st I felt it was only appropriate to start the inspiration today! Im throwing my first Halloween themed dinner party this month and im beyond stoked! More For You: Monday Weekly Inspirations

Face Decoration

Either used to cover, enhance or create, make-up is one of my favorite art forms ever. I am so passionate about it cause it gives us the freedom to shape shift and take on different characters. I recently had an honor to work with Katrin Sangla in Estonia. I was very inspired by her because… More »

If Sandra Bullock’s Son Wears One More Cute Costume I Will D-I-E

Thank you nation of the Philippines for defining that feeling I often get, which in most places would be considered punishable by law. Gigil 

Aquamarine Is The Color Of March

Somehow it is already March,where did the time go!? I feel like just yesterday I was booking my flight home for Christmas and planning out my Halloween costume. I looked up some March fashion and life inspiration photos and found out the color for March is one of my absolute favorites, aquamarine! There is just… More »

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Bill & Tom Kaulitz – Halloween 2012

All the pics of Kaulitz twins from Roosvelt Hotel Party and Treats! Magazine “Trick or Treats! Halloween Party”

Katy Perry’s Costume is Amazing!

Katy Perry is seen dressed as Jane Lane, the best friend of cartoon character ‘Daria’ as she leaves a Halloween party…

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