Adventure Time Cosplay Tutorial – Marshall Lee

Hey guysss! In today’s video I’ll be showing you how to create the perfect Marshall Lee cosplay…

MoonChild Monday!

Happy Monday, Moon Babies! This week’s #MoonChild Monday brings together the amazing art, illustrations, #BubbleGothTastic handmade accessories, throwback photos, and awesome cosplay of MoonChildren Bruno, Chris, Glitterpix, Hannah, Heather, Jet Black Scars, Leo, Oak, Tamara, and Vin!!! So amazing!!! Do u have some MoonChild goodies u want to share?! Put them up on my Facebook,… More »

Cosplay Time!

Cosplay Time!!! I read about Akiomi aka Omi Gibson. He’s a Japanese artist and photographer. And I adore his art. Right now just I wanna show you my faves 🙂

I Can’t Believe You’re Human – Kiyohari

This adorable little cosplay creature is so stunning – I just cannot believe that she’s human! I’ve seen tons of her epic photos floating around the internet, but other than that, she’s kinda a mystery – which I totally dig! Kiyohari takes cosplay to the next level and is the perfect sweet lolita – so… More »

The best Cosplay that I found Ever!

The COSPLAY is a Japanese original phenomenon in which people dress and interpret one of their favorite characters from both games, and series, manga, anime or movies. It is usually done much in trade shows and conventions, and some are truly amazing. Below, I show a compilation of some amazing cosplays, very elaborate and look… More »

Cosplay @ Comic Con 2012

If you weren’t at Comic Con this year, you missed out on some amazing costumes by some of the craftiest people around. The fans at Comic Con really get into their favorite characters. Most of the things in these outfits are made by what are probably the some the most amazing fans ever. Which is… More »

Daria Cosplay!

Best Cosplay Ever!

Although cosplay has been present for decades within the comics, anime, and sci-fi/fantasy fandoms, social media has played an integral role in the thriving community of costuming that exists today and…

Japanese Street Style

Two weeks ago I went to a presentation about Japanese street styles and the differences between the way Americans and Japanese people dress. It was really interesting, so I thought I would share a few…

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