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Get The Look: Cory Kennedy’s Breezy, Chic Holiday Look

For some of us (aka ME) getting dressed for holiday parties isn’t just not that fun, it’s downright daunting. (I wanted to say “crippling” there but then decided not only did it sound a touch dramatic, I prefer the alliteration always). But then someone like Cory Kennedy comes along and reminds me that you don’t… More »

Behind The Scenes: Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 Via The Cobrasnake

Jeremy Scott is known for his outlandish, eccentric looks and his Fall 2012 collection definitely stayed true to this aesthetic.OBSESSION does not do the feeling I have for this collection justice…I truly believe it was made for ME! I mean, from The Simpsons (Bart’s head was a print on a few pieces), to Lisa Frank,… More »

Sophomore S/S ’12 Video Feat. Lindsay Lohan, Cory Kennedy And Peaches Geldof!

Get a load of the latest Sophomore NYC’s S/S 2012 collection video featuring fashionable “It” Girls: Lindsay Lohan, Cory Kennedy and Peaches Geldof. I am such a huge…

Joyrich x LeSportSac SS 2011 featuring Cory Kennedy!

Gold chains, leopard print, monogram and black pleather!? Yes, please! The electric Los Angeles design house JOYRICH and LeSportsac are totally channeling the 90s in their collaboration of printed bags. I can’t get enough of their bold graphics, vivid colors, and strong patterns! I also adore the fun and careless summer attitude. Watch their awesome… More »

Friday Buzz 4/20

Fashionista recaps Top Model.

E’rybody Cam Diaz in the club gettin’ tipsy. (Holy Candy)

Happy 4/20 from your fav celebs. (Evil Beet)

Well hey,…

Monday Buzz 2/26

The Secret Life of Cory Kennedy (The Internet It Girl) Is Facebook gonna cash out? (latimes)P Diddy’s kid is a 12 year old pimp. (POTP)Pete Wentz: Mogul Under the Radar. (myglobalhustle)So, this is what Brit…

Jared Leto Was Right After All

Only a day ago I was lambasting Jared Leto for saying “all blogs should die a sudden death”, and boy did I speak too soon because, today having stumbled upon the online presence of Cory… from

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