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Hannabeth: This Or That Questions

Buzznet asked me some fun “this or that” questions, this week! You can check out all my answers below!

Do you want the new Green Day album OR the new No Doubt Album? 
I want both,…

Boys Like Girls Perform ‘Be Your Everything’ On VH1

Check out my stud of a boyfriend play acoustic with Martin 🙂 can you say HEART THROBS!

Watch Boys Like Girls perform  ‘Be Your Everything’ Check out more Boys Like Girls music videos, i<a…

40 Gnarly Neck Tattoos

I have a couple friends with neck tattoos, and I find them so interesting! So I decided to throw together a gallery of some photos of people with their necks tattooed. Click through the gallery, and comment on your favorite!

Creepy Or Cool? I Got My Eye On You

There’s something mystical about the eyes – they are considered the windows of the soul so it’s not surprising to see this symbolism being not only largely used since the beginning of our first civilizations and religions, but also popping up a lot in fashion and entertainment nowadays. What do u think about the on… More »

Dip-Dyed Hair Trend Is Here To Stay!

Before Dip-Dyed hair became popular, there was Ombre hair which faded from light to dark or vice versa in one chosen color, nothing too drastic. But more recently, the modern take on it is Dip-dye, which can include any fun and bright color! I’m sure you all have seen some celebs and fashion icons rocking… More »

Insane Eyelash Art

I am absolutely in love with Lash Art at the moment and it is getting better by the day!

Check out these photos I found of some very cool looks:



I saw this young girl in the supermarket with her father and had to ask if I could take a photo of her boots. They were very nice and let me take a photo and she also told me where she bought them. The store is named Journey I even told them I’m too old… More »

Skull Spoons, Perfect for Brain-Eating

I know, I know.  Like me, many of you have recently been sitting around saying, “Gee, you know what I need?  An extremely morbid set of flatware.”

Well, I can’t help you out with the forks…

oh God im xo hot..XD

im a model..from hell XD

gosh i love darkness..=]

im xoxo cooll….

shh..silence pls


kinda vain huh..XD

im HOTTER than u..>LOL XD



yea i know im ugly shut up..

im a fab XD really..