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Sorry this is a little late Buzznet decided to close down for Maintenance last night just as I was going to post this !!!!! LOL


I just love this one it’s Purr-Fect !!! I watched a show on Animal planet Saturday night called ” My cat from Hell ” If you ever get the chance to watch it it’s quite interesting 😀 Please view in Full Size 😀

Dinner with Sharks

Newly Released ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ Stills

May 2012 seems so far away to have to wait to see The Avengers movie. As we’ve seen previously, the highly anticipated movie has been hard at work, filming in New York City. Avengers fans rejoice: Marvel and Disney have released new stills from the movie. Yes, while you wait ever-so-patiently for the movie, you… More »

Happy Birthday Garfield: 25 Faces of Our Favorite Orange Cat

Created by Jim Davis, Garfield was first published as a comic strip on this day in 1978. (If he were a real person, he’d be 33 years old!) In an ode to everyone’s favorite fat, lazy and melancholy cat, we have compiled some of Garfield’s most expressionistic expressions. We will eat lasagna in your honor… More »

Adventures Of The Shaggy Coat

My friend NibbyBoi made me another comic strip! We dig through my…

New Kristen Stewart Comic Book Preview

Our friends at MTV have gotten their hands on an exclusive sneak peek at the Kristen Stewart comic book set to be released this month by Bluewater Comics (the same people…

I Suppose It Was Inevitable: Twilight Graphic Novel to Release in March

Yep.  That’s rightTwilight fans can now look at pretty manga style pictures of Bedward and Ella as they fall in love.  Dreamy. [cut=Here we go…]

The adaptation of the novel was drawn by Young…


I hope everyone has a nice Earth Day this was in my newspaper today. As you can see I’m not the only one to have a Squirrely Wednesday today : D

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