comic con 2012

Stuff I Didn’t Need But Got Anyway: The Comic Con Edition

So Comic Con just hapened and omg my feet hurt. Let’s talk about a few things and then we’ll get into my little goodie bag of things that I am super excite about to do…

Cosplay @ Comic Con 2012

If you weren’t at Comic Con this year, you missed out on some amazing costumes by some of the craftiest people around. The fans at Comic Con really get into their favorite characters. Most of the things in these outfits are made by what are probably the some the most amazing fans ever. Which is… More »

Toys @ Comic Con 2012

When I think of Comic Con, I think of comic books, graphic novels, art, and TOYS. There are toys everywhere and they are all kind of awesome. I don’t know what half of them are and I don’t like talking to people so I never ask. When one isn’t stuck in line waiting for a… More »

Which MTV Show Was Just Renewed For Another Season? (You’ll Howl Over This One!)

While MTV has strayed from its musical roots currently giving us a plethora of reality TV shows, they seem to have some gems on their hands, including the comeback kid Punk’d, teenage…

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