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The Super Women Of DC Comics: Characters Vs. Their Real-Life Actors

Even if you’re not a huge comic book fan, you can appreciate the superwomen of the DC Universe. They can kick butt, kill you with a kiss, and deliver quotable one-liners. Taking on a superhero character can be a lot of pressure but these incredible actresses are up to the challenge. Not only are they… More »

Anders Holm Of Workaholics Releases Comic Book

So excited to present this new comic book my very good friend and co-worker John Lawlor aka “Alter” just put out that he illustrated. He is super talented and congratulate him on…

Hot or Not? Avengers Eye Makeup

Ever since Effie Trinkett showed us that a regular human fleshtone and natural hair color are boring, we are left needing options to make our faces a little more super.


CONTEST: ‘Bad Kids Go To Hell’ Comic Book Giveaway

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