Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Hey buzz kittens! I am like totally, for sure, a die hard 90s gal – it’s my fave decade through and through. I live for the music, the movies, the television, the fashion – it was all dope, man. It just seemed like such a simpler time, and everything seemed to make sense. After school… More »

Coca Cola Posts “I Wanna Go” Footage From Peru

Professional footage of Brit’s I Wanna Go from her Femme Fatale Tour in Peru hit the net today, thanks to Coca Cola. Check it out!

VIDEO: Conrad Roset the New King of Illustration

Conrad Roset is a 27 year old freelance illistator based in Barcelona, Spain who has won people over with his amazing illustration skills. He has worked with clients such as: Zara,…

Karl Lagerfeld Designs for Coca-Cola AGAIN!

Karl Lagerfeld has infamously lost 90 pounds by inventing his very own diet, the Karl Lagerfeld Diet. The diet famously consists of steamed veggies and Diet Coke,…

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