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MTV VMA Tweets: Betty White, Tyler Glenn and No One Likes Chris Brown

I didn’t watch the VMAs. But I did watch Twitter. Here were some of my favorite tweets:

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MTV LifeBeat Benefit ft. Cobra Starship

The night before their big MTV VMA Pre-show performance, Cobra Starship (along with Joe Jonas and Miguel) played a benefit for Lifebeat at House of Blues, Sunset Strip. (All images credit GETTY) Video from pre-show, today:

Cobra Starship & Mac Miler Release Lyric Video For ‘Middle Finger’

Cobra Starship are about to release their highly anticipated new album, ‘Night Shades’ and today they revealed this lyric video for the track, ‘Middle Finger’. The high energy track was a…

Pete Wentz and Gabe Saporta: Caught in a Rad Bromance

As Pete Wentz of Black Cards and Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship tweet at one another saying things like “So @GabrielSaporta is a great date. Pounds excederin and mint tea. Can’t wait for the follow up this weekend. MEGA” and “@petewentz do we have a follow up date on sunday?” we figured it was only… More »

VIDEO: Cobra Starship Talk VMA Predictions, ‘Night Shades’ and Justin Bieber’s Hair

Cobra Starship’s Ryland Blackinton and Alex Suarez caught up with Buzznet to talk about their brand new record ‘Night Shades’ and what fans can expect from them following the album’s release. They discussed…

Cobra Starship Stream “Night Shades”. Thoughts?

So far Cobra Starship’s new material has generated a pretty apathetic reason here on BUZZNET. It’s recieved a few buzzes here and there but comments have been mixed (leaning towards a negative…

Cobra Starship to Perform at VMA Pre-Show Hosted By Selena Gomez

News keeps coming in about this year’s MTV Video Music Awards.  We just learned that Lady Gaga will open the show, but the fun won’t start there.

Because as everyone probably knows, MTV always kicks…

Cobra Starship To Release iTunes Session EP

So far Cobra Starship have gained a mixed response from fans with their new material here on BUZZNET, and news that they are set to support Justin Bieber (yes, really) will probably further…

Cobra Starship Unveil ‘Nightshades’ Album Track Listing

Following on from the premiere of the album artwork last week, Cobra Starship waste no time in sharing their full album track listing online.

1. You…

Cobra Starship Debuts The Video for “You Make Me Feel” ft Sabi

Oh, Cobra Starship.  How far you’ve come.

For better or for worse (I will withhold my judgment on that for now) the band has grown from their “80’s throwback band cheerleaded by an astral cobra from…

Could Gabe Saporta’s ‘Spiritual Detox’ Be Just What Cobra Starship Needed?

Long-time fans of Cobra Starship will remember that, originally, the story behind the founding of the band had a…um…spiritual angle to it.  If you could call it that.  In the beginning, the story of Gabe…

5 Songs for a Little…Um…*Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge* on Valentine’s Day

So we’ve dealt with the happily single and the vengeful, but hey, there are some people who actually spend Valentine’s Day with someone else.

And maybe…um…DOING things.  Maybe just dancing dirty with someone in…

The Black Cards on Guy Ripley’s True Things with Guy Ripley

Everyone’s favorite BBC reporter sits down with Bebe Rexha and that guy who showed his penis on the internet and then married Ashlee Simpson in order to talk about their new project “Black Cards.” Or Arts. He’s not entirely clear.

Glamour Kills Artist Series Has Arrived!

Hello, things I want:

I love love love this one:

Which one do you like best? Gonna snatch any of them up? Get your shop on right here.

Attention Los Angeles: Win Tickets To 3OH!3 & Cobra Starship

Attention Los Angeles and Orange County peeps! Buzznet has teamed up with Goldenvoice to give away 2 pairs of tickets to the 3OH!3 & Cobra Starship show on June 1st at Club Nokia.


  • Each…

Explaining the Video: Cobra Starship “Living in the Sky with Diamonds”

The newest video for Cobra Starship, “Living in the Sky with Diamonds” from their CD Hot Mess, is a simple but beautiful story about love, loss and fruit.

We begin with a girl who is walking

The Bamboozle Roadshow 2010 Announced


Damn, since when did the roadshow get GOOD?

Do people really like Boys Like Girls that much?


Well, it’s too far from April 1st to be

Cobra Starship Touring with 3OH!3

Get ready for lots of sass in one room–and maybe it’s time to get a mani, seeing as that the bands on this tour are heavy on the hand gestures. I mean, even solo-touring Travis…

Buzz Guide: Lily Allen Remixed, Chace Crawford and The Vinyl Princess


As much as I’m a fan of Lily Allen, I liked Alright, Still exponentially more then her most recent release. Who knew that could even be fixed?

Fang Your Hands Child

Cobra Starship + Justin Bieber at a radio event in Sacramento. Admit it, my title is a little bit funny.

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