coachella 2013

Photo Diary: A Weekend At Coachella 2013

I had such an amazing time hanging out in Indio, California soaking in everything that Coachella had to offer. From the incredible musicians performing, hanging out with friends, laying out by the pool at The Ace Hotel parties to people watching, I will never forget this weekend. If only I could run around in a… More »

The Postal Service Serenade Coachella’s Main Stage

As The Postal Service came on stage goosebumps came over my body. I had never seen them before so I was really looking forward to embracing those first three songs in the photo pit capturing whatever I could. It was something I will never forget and was definitely one of my favorite sets from Coachella…. More »

Dani’s Dear Coachella Diary Day Three

Coachella Final Day 3.

Today was a little harder to wake up. I feel like my insides are filled with dust and grass. I’ve been eating more pizza than I can imagine this…

Coachella 2013 Street Style

Coachella is like Disney Land except everyone is wearing little to nothing, it’s dirty & Mickey Mouse isn’t there to give you a hug. Coachella is amazing to exprience, from the artists performing, the artwork displays and the fashion statements people make while they have a chance. Here at Buzznet we want to capture everything… More »

Dani’s Dear Coachella Diary Day 2

Dear Diary Coachella Day 2.


Now I know what to…

Dani’s Dear Coachella Diary: Day 1

Dear Coachella Diary Day 1,

I’ve seen a lot more than I can comprehend oupon walking in I saw the camp grounds, where I immediately made a plan to do that next year with a…

Survival Guide: What I’m Bringing To Coachella

This coming weekend I am going to partake in the madness that is Coachella with Buzzmaker Dani Vitale. I’m so excited to run around in the polo fields soaking up the sun, snapping photos, people watching, dancing to music and eating festival food. After all, that’s what I’m supposed to do right? A really important… More »

Rock Out In Style: Coachella Guide

I have always loved festival fashion. There’s just something special about the wild free energy of spring, music in wide open fields, and spending late nights with friends. Drinking Red Bull definitely helps keep me…

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