Sundays Best:

I decided hey why not start a Sunday Funday series called “Sundays Best” that I will post every Sunday featuring the best of….whatever we all decide. I want to leave it up to you all to help me pick the theme for the posts so be sure to comment below with your ideas! This week’s… More »

Tian Yi by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China June 2012

  Tian Yi by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China June 2012

THE APPARITION – Baldovino Barani for SCMP Magazine

This Baldovino Barani shot editorial for South China Morning Post is sooo gorgeous. In love with the styling and the location both. Elyse Sewell looks stunning in it as well. It was shot a couple of years back but this is too beautiful not to share. <3 k

BTK App – Video #17

Tom: Wonderland Fake Disneyland in China – overgrown and ghostly…

Chinese Femme Fatale Flashmob

A group of talented dancers in China put together a five-minute Flashmob featuring 3, Gimme More, Big Fat Bass, Hold It Against Me and Till The World Ends! The video hit the web this morning. Someone hire these guys for an opening act of the tour ASAP! Check it out! Good job, guys!

Panic! at the Disco Beats the Heat in the Forbidden City

So, Panic! at the Disco recently played a few shows in China.  But while they were in the neighborhood, they also stopped by The Forbidden City, a former imperial palace that now hosts a museum. …

Fashion Week in Beijing!

A lot of articles have been calling China’s Fashion week “bizzare”.
I actually think it looked unique and innovative!


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                                                         HBK gifs & banners,along with DX gifs & banners.

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the good news is that we got a letter from leah. the bad new is that her present didn’t come in the mail yet.

i want to go to hong kong. i wonder what it’s like over there. but i don’t know, i think i’d rather go to tokyo. i mean, seriously. that place is awesome, too. i could…

Your Internet Gender Bending is NOT OKAY! (In China)

I have never played a MMORPG.  Mostly because I cannot afford subscribtion fees or another addiction.  But I have several friends who do, which is the plus side of attracting geeky friends: I have some…

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