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Animal-Friendly Celebrities

When I became a vegan, I couldn’t think how many famous people support this lifestyle. Some of them are full vegan, someone just doesn’t wear clothes made of animals. But they both deserve credit, as each of them makes the world a little better.

You Look Like…

There’s a theory that everyone in the world has a doppleganger–for these guys, they just both happen to be successful musicians.

Linkin Park

Linkin Park @ Staples Center

Performing @ Staples center in LA, CA on 3/4/08 All photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Today in Creepy, Fanatical Tales: Linkin Park Cyberstalker

I don’t consider myself a Linkin Park fan, but as the nature of my job goes, I try and keep up with music news. For the most part, I skim. But today, <a…

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