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The Tale Of Lindsay Lohan As Told By Gifs

Once upon a time, Lindsay Lohan was an adorable redhaired child star who captivated America when she expertly portrayed a pair of twins in Parent Trap, who wanted to setup their parents (the…

TONIGHT: Lindsay Lohan Guest Hosts Chelsea Lately (And I Was There)

Yesterday (August 1) I had the amazing opportunity to go watch the taping of Chelsea Lately with guest host Lindsay Lohan!!! I am a huge Lilo fan and couldn’t control my excitement. I was sat…

Kat Dennings Talks About Going Out With Drake!

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The adorable Kat Dennings got candid with Chelsea Handler recently, telling her all about her “non-date” with Drake. Apparently the two went out to sushi once. Who knew!

Well, Kat was…

On Set at Chelsea Lately

Today I went to a taping of Chelsea Lately and I have to say it was amazing! I was VIP and got front row seats literally two feet from the cast! So great, such a good time. I highly recommend going to a taping if you’re ever in LA. Have you ever been to Chelsea… More »

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