Cheap + Fabulous Swimwear

Thera are SOOOOOO many new swimsuit trends this year! I’m loving several of them, but swim suits can be EXPENSIVE and it’s hard to invest in more than one when the ones your want are pricey. I did a little research, and found some great trendy styles for way less! These are just a few… More »

Dress Right For Your Girl’s Night (For Under $20!)

Kate Upton, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz’s girl crew in “The Other Woman” (in theatres April 25th– trailer below!), has us thinking about the power of having an amazing girl crew in our lives! There is seriously nothing more powerful than the love of awesome friends, and nothing celebrates this fact more than a stellar… More »

The Best Of Storenvy: Last Minute Christmas Gifts Under $16

It’s that time of year again…Christmas is fast approaching. Suddenly you find yourself broke with a million gifts to buy and you’re running out of time. Fear not! Storenvy is here to help you find…

Get More For Your Money: Studded Boots

Not too long ago I went on vaca to the lovely city of Chicago! I was so excited to finally go there when it was not on tour and not during a blizzard. I was…

4th of July Hot Summer Clothing Deals

Hey Girls! It’s my favorite part of summer. The weather is warm, the guys are hot, AND all my favorite clothes are ON SALE!! Brands like Hollister, American Eagle, & PacSun are all sporting some great summer sales. At Hollister you can score light-weight sweaters, shorts, dresses, and swimwear for under $25 (most items are… More »

You Can Get Carly Rae Jepsen’s MuchMusic Awards Dress (It’s Only $96!)

While it seems that most of y’all were on the fence of Carly Rae Jepsen’s other MuchMusic Awards Cleopatra-inspired outfit, we’re pretty sure you’ll heart this one.…

An Ode to Cheap Monday

Swedish clothing label Cheap Monday basically defines the modern skinny jean. And season after season they redefine it and redefine it and redefine it…

I know summer is fast-approaching (not the ideal time of year…

10 Colorblock Clothes Under $50 You Need Now

If you’re thinking of having a fun block party, start it off right with some colorblocks. Even though it’s winter now, you can still prep your wardrobe with some fun, bright colors! Whether you’re dressing to impress or having a fun girls’ night out, these colorblocks can do no wrong. Yes, this colorblock style is… More »

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