Then & Now: Celebrity Hairstyles

When was the last time you updated your look? Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Nick Jonas seem to be changing it up on the regular. If you’re looking for a little bit of hair inspiration, let’s take a look at how our fave celebs have changed their locks over the years!

Thought Blog: How To Get Out Of A Rut

Ever find yourself in a rut? Going through the motions day after day. You may have everything you need at your fingertips but…

Heartblog: A New Me And A New You.

Often, rebirth is wasted on new year’s resolutions that we never really follow through on. Each year, we make a promise of what we will be THIS year and…

Question Of The Day: Can You Name Something That Hasn’t Changed?

I am trying to think of things in my life that haven’t changed and I can’t come up with anything. It  doesn’t help that I am a fickle man-beast and that I tire of things…

Kerli Speaks On Growth And Her New EP ‘Utopia’

Kerli gives VIBE TV a live update on her life, her growth and more secofically her new EP Utopia. She talks…

Miley Cyrus Brings Earth’s Rotation To A Halt With New Hair Color

In news that is sure to shape the rest of your day, Miley Cyrus has changed her ever-controversial ‘do. Many sites were describing it as BLUE but the Disney…

Hey You, Why Did You Change?

A blog is suppose to be a place where you share your feelings, right? A place where you can just be stripped,raw and tell your side of a story. Lay it all out…

Question of the Day: Times They Are A Changin’

It turns out that I missed Celebrate Bi-sexy Times Day, which was yesterday. Sorry I missed your special day, all you lovers of all both sexy times. Also, today is my mommy’s birthday. She’s…

TWLOHA On Vans Warped Tour: A Community Of Music

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Hey All, 

Here is another amazing volunteer story by our lovely friend Abi!

Music has always been a…

Kim Kardashian Chops Off Inches From Her Long Locks: Hot Or Not?

One of the things Kim Kardashian is known for is her long gorgeous hair, and now she has cut it off a few inches! She posted pictures of her at the Radio One studies in London on her blog and said, “Did you guys notice I cut my hair? Just a little shorter! I thought… More »

My Weekly Photo Diary

This week was crazy. I worked a ton and did a bunch of radical interviews. It was also Swoon’s birthday. I also sat beside a tree for a long time and tried to figure out what I wanted to continue to do, and thought of the pieces of work and life that are not really… More »

Question of the Day: If You Could Change Anything About….?

If you could change anything about the way that people see you, what would it be and why?

I tried to search for a previously asked QOTD like this but I couldn’t find one.…

Evolution of Kerli

Check out Estonian pop singer Kerli Koiv’s glittery rise to fame and journey to adulthood.

Hey Buzznet, It’s Time To Listen Up

Rhianna is the shizznit

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Hey Buzznet, listen up!

Recently Buzznet has been a…

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