Christina Aguilera #PassTheRedCup Challenge

Yum! Brands, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have launched their…

January Theme Challenge: A New You In 2014

Welcome to Januarty 2014, Buzznet! How’s the year treating you thus far? Hopefully everything is awesome and the polar vortex isn’t ruining your life like it is in the gif below:

Join Us For Buzznet’s Photo A Day Challenge!

I will be partaking in this! Lets see if I can remember everday! Join me?! 🙂

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Join Us For Buzznet’s Photo A Day Challenge!

Now that Buzznet is all fancy-like and have our own app, Buzznet FLASH, we want you to use it! We are challenging YOU…

Neon Nail Trend: Essie 2013

I go through the FUNNIEST phases, and my current obsession is nail polish!!! The reason this is hilarious is because for the past oh i dunno, SIX YEARS, I’ve been the…

It’s An Unplugged Night: The X Factor Eleventh Live Show Recap [Episode 22]

Before to rock the eleventh show, Britney and for the very first time her fluffy daughter Hannah, enjoy the Pepsi Pre Show, check out the video:

‘Katy Perry: Part of Me’ Top 40 Sweepstakes Entries

Buzznet asked readers to submit photos showing their love for Katy Perry for a chance to win a hometown screening of Part of Me, and her fans accepted the challenge with creative flair. Up for grabs was a chance for one winner to take over their local AMC Theater for a fun-filled screening with a… More »

One Direction’s Zayn Malik Challenged To Quit Smoking

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One Direction, the boy band hailing from England have already begun to to take over the globe with their catchy tunes…

Green Smoothie Challenge

I made a smoothie of 2 apples (one gala and one granny smith), 2 big handfuls of spinach, 1 cup water and 1/2 cup crushed ice. This one was much more grassy in…

Can You Tell The Difference Between Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?

Moguls and Fashion Icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may be twins, but when it comes to their style and demeanor they could not be more different. If you love Mary-Kate and Ashley as I do, take a moment to go through these ten photos of the duo and see if you can pick out who’s… More »

30 Days Song Challenge: Day 2

For Day 2 I chose an amazing artist in my opinion: Jennifer Love Hewitt. An artist, for me, is a person who can have great talent in a lot of…


Since this is the weekend here at Buzznet I though I would post a photo to see it you could guess what this is ? It’s not a painting : D


Nothing is impossible to solve. This was the hardest of the 100 and 1 puzzles so far. I have the next one One Hundred Elephants and a Mouse but I don’t know when I will try that one. There are still more in the series : D View in full size if you want to… More »


This was a tough one because the cats were pretty much on top of one another. But nothing is that difficult that I can’t finish it : D View in full size to see the detail : )

Tokio Hotel Mania

A gallery about my fav band ever which make me won my first Buzz award! Includes: misc pics, shooting and more… check it out 😉 Main Sources:

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