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Friday Buzz 4/6

No one wants to buy the Anti-Christ’s Britney’s house. (TBYLTH)AUDIO: Avril didn’t say anything bad about Brit. (ONTD)Chuck Palahniuk’s new book is coming out! Go hear him read. Hilary Duff can’t get a serious role….

Anna Nicole Smith’s C-Section: The Miracle Of Instantly Exploitable Life

On last night’s installment of ET, the show finally broadcast the magically exploitative centerpiece of their deal to help Anna Nicole Smith extract every last dollar and publicity opportunity from the recent, tabloid-ready birth-death cycle…

Ear Candy for Christmas? Gwen’s solo album #2

NEW YORK — Gwen Stefani has great news for fans who want the singer to bring back her “Hollaback” vibe.
“It’s part two to the [Love, Angel, Music, Baby] record,” Stefani said of her second, yet-untitled…

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