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ROFL Waffles: The Best Animals With Waffles

Happy National Waffle Day, my little sweet peas! Maybe sweet peas and waffles aren’t the best of things to have next to each other, on a plate or in a sentence. You know what things are great to pair with waffles? Animals! Here are a few preshuz bb’s that we gathered from the web to… More »

Best Of Buzznet On Facebook

We’ve posted a lot of photos on Facebook since our page creation in 2005 (gasp! 7 years already!). We’re here to bring you a little clump of the best photos from our Facebook’s past, ranging from concert photography, to rock band babes, puppies, nail art, and cats. LOTS OF CATS. Be sure to “like” our… More »

Feline Fashion: Get Your Cat-Walk On

So you say you’re a cat lady? Speak up, dude! Don’t whisper it. Shout it from the mountain tops with your arms full of furry cuddly kitties. Don’t let them shame for you for your love of cats! In fact, wear your love proudly on your sleeve (and also your torso and legs and head… More »

Dogs Underwater

These photos by Seth Casteel speak for themself, straight up brilliant! I don’t think my cat Waffle under water would do any of these photos justice.

Healthy Living Tips

I’ve made a few lifestyle changes recently. I thought I would give you all some awesome health tips that have really been helping me that I’M POSITIVE can help you as well 🙂


Last time my Internet almost doesn’t work and I couldn’t a normal added stuffs and read what you wanted show to world. It made me so sad because Buzznet means for me something more than when I was here first time. Buzznet is like a family place. But right now I feel like these cats……. More »

Things That Make You Go ‘Awww’

Some people that I love are going through a tough time right now so I decided to dedicate this week to only cute and uplifting things. There’s gonna be lots of panda inspired (everyone loves pandas!) posts and a bunch of other awesome/super cute stuff. All love. All goodness. Integirty/Love/Unity k Check out my new… More »

Sleepy kitty

Happy Wednesday, Have a Tap Dancing Cat

Here at Buzznet, we really like cats. I mean, a lot. We also like rewarding you for making it halfway through the week. With that in mind, have 13 seconds of a cat tap dancing. You’re welcome.

Sh*t Gay Guys Say To Their Cats

Is kind of the best thing ever. Don’t believe me? Watch:

Best Cat gifs of the Week!


Halloween Inspiration: Cats In Costume!

How cute are these cats in their Halloween costumes?! I think they all look purrrrrfect 😉 Check it out! xx

Question of the Day: How Do You Help Your Friends When They Are Feeling Down?

Someone that I know isn’t feeling to hot at the moment. I was totally going to write “ATM” instead of “at the moment.” Anyway, they are having some sad times and that makes me sad…

Ryan Gosling Uncovers Disneyland’s Secret Cat Soldier Underground on ‘Conan’

Just having recovered from the idea of Ryan Gosling going to Disneyland with Eva Mendes AND Kat Denninings, I had to guard my heart from being further broken by this super-human…

Weekly Inspiration

Best Thing Ever: Classic Paintings Improved by Fat Tabby Cat

Mondays always suck. That is, until you find something on the interwebz that raises your spirits so high that you feel like its Friday! This occurence happend to me when I came…


Want. Bad. You can get prints and skins here: //

Question of the Day: Who Is Your Favorite Internet Cat?

Today’s question comes from Buzznet’s Internet Prowler Sany. She wants to know which internet cat, ever of all time, is your favorite. Pretty simple, right? Let us know in the comments!

Currently blowing my mind:


12 Ultra Fancy Cats

These cats have a style all of their own. Chic, on trend and so fancy… Via United Bamboo 2011 Calendar

Daily Catfirmation: Hot Dudes Holding Kittens

Because today is extra Monday-ish, I have an especially good Daily Catfirmation for you (incidentally, this is the first Daily Catfirmation, which may or may not be daily, but will always be catfirmational).

Thank you <a…