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Pancake the cat is so cute and loves his doggie friends especially Sugar Tree the doberman 😀


Cats are always plotting something 😀

So Why Do We Celebrate Friday The 13th?

Black Cats, Jason, Scary Movies, Cheap tattoos and the fear of the #13!

We all know what Friday the 13th is but do we all know why we celebrate it? I sure didn’t until well..about 10…

Fall In Love With: 10 Baby Animals That Are Sleepier Than You

Today is rainy and gross and hot outside. Tomorrow is Friday. That means today ISN’T Friday. Things are looking dismal. I’m tired, I’m hungry and I don’t want to be working. You feel? I’m sure…

Dancer Spotlight + Exclusive Interview With Cat Rendic

Reblogged from Brittany Lee

I am so excited to share this Dancer Spotlight with you on the beautiful, talented gal Cat Rendic. She has danced with…

Dancer Spotlight + Exclusive Interview With Cat Rendic

I am so excited to share this Dancer Spotlight with you on the beautiful, talented gal Cat Rendic. She has danced with SO many incredible artists and has quite the story so be sure to…

28 Puppies & Kittens Who Love Fall

Fall is coming up fast and it’s the best time to play outside with your pets. With the leaves falling and the bright colors we just love spending time outdoors. Here’s some puppies and kittens that would agree with us! More For You Fall In Love With… Yoda The Cat On Vine Instagram Of The… More »

Falling In Love With… Yoda The Cat On Vine

This morning I was stuck in bed for an extra 30 mins watching Vines of Yoda. Yoda is an Kinkalow and just precious. I can’t get enough!  Here’s a…

Keep Your Cool This Summer

It seems like it’s finally summer here in Los Angeles. Most of August has been grey and pretty cool but this last week has been so hot that parts of me that sag…

Clawing For Cuteness: Cats In Commercials!

Summer holidays say goodbye to us but for the last weekend of August I have something unique for you. I know that we love cats and I found cool and  sometimes…


Something a bit different for Squirrely Wednesday, the squirrels are starting to disappear for there Nut Hunting season in the woods. So because of the lack of squirrels here right now I thought a video would be a nice break. I’m so amazed at this huge dog he doesn’t even notice he has a squirrel… More »


So here I am again with another road trip of photos. I hope you enjoy all the crazy things I get to see while driving, stopped in traffic or in…

33 Fashion Pieces You’ll Want To Get Your Kitty PAWS On

It’s no secret that everyone i know is pretty much obsessed with cats. I have been noticing, while catering to my online shopping addiction, that there are so many cat clothes out there! I wanted to pull them all together and put them in a little gallery for you all. From dresses and tops to… More »

22 Cute Animals Hangin’ Out Celebrating Hammock Day

July 22 has been deemed Hammock Day! Today is the day to sit back, relax and hang out on a hammock all day long. Excuse me while I day dream of being on a beach, suspended between two palm trees, reading my book and sipping a pina colada. Anyway, the only thing I can think… More »


I was shopping in the pet supply place here in my town on Friday. They have a beautiful room in there with cats for adoption. There was a lady sitting on a big couch reading and a kitty on the arm rest sleeping next to her. There were at least 5 other kitties sleeping and… More »


Since I’ve been missing Comic Monday I thought a cat comic for Saturday would be fun. I hope everyone has a nice weekend : )

7 Onesies You Absolutely Need

I came across these Kigu onesies on the ASOS websites and almost cried of happiness. These are the cutest things I have ever seen! I might just need to make this purchase, and…

10 Animals Who Are Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! I have never been one to really go out and celebrate this holiday but I will never refuse a reason to indulge in endless chips and salsa…

Buzznet Breakdown April 28

It’s Sunday so you know what that means! It is time for the Buzznet Breakdown. In case you are just joining us this is where we feature our top ten posts of the week! It’s our…


I love these two cats they are so funny, they made a mess of the Easter stuff 😀 Shorty is the black cat 😀