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Stars Who Had Miley’s Haircut First

When Miley Cyrus chopped off her hair and bleached it blonde, it was huge news. It certainly was a departure from the starlet’s old look. Recently Miley tweeted about how she started a trend with her new ‘do, saying “do u know how many bitches walking round with my hurrrr cut? if it was inspired… More »

Coachella Playlist Weekend 1: Day 1

Coachella is kicking off in a few days and it is time to get pumped people! I am fortunate enough to be heading to the huge festival next weekend, but I want to <a href=""…

New Play List for Week of 8/25

these are some of my favorite songs i’m listening to right now. these songs are a good mix of oldies too…like the beach boys and simon and garfunkel. what’s your favorite oldie’s song or band from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s or 80’s?

NPR Wants You To Choose The Best Album of the Year (so far…)

While it may seem like something only dorks or old people are into, NPR really does keep track of musical trends.  And right now, they want help deciding which CD is the best of…

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