9 Tips For Keeping Your Summer Romance Casual AF

Summer is here! As you prepare for another season of BBQs, pool hangs, day drinking by the beach, and adventures with your pals, the idea of a summer romance is probably on your brain. Finding a great person to be “cool for the summer” with is tight, but when you’re just looking for a fun… More »

Graphic (Tee) Content

Can’t. Stop. Buying. Graphic. Tees!!!! Someone help me. Save me from myself. My wallet is empty, but my closet is oh so happy. The graphic tee trend is taking over in spring fashion. There’s been a lot of focus on foreign language and culture as well as some sassy sayings in English. Not to mention,… More »

My Style Spirit Animal: Alexa Chung

I don’t often share my POV on fashion here on BUZZNET, because I don’t really have that much to say. My personal style is nothing to write home about so I leave all the style posts to the gals who know what’s what. When it comes to personal style I just like what’s comfortable, affordable… More »

Betsey Johnson Works It Out at NYFW

Betsey Johnson‘s reputation as the queen of quirky precedes her, which is just one of the many reasons I always look forward to her crazy cool collections. Her runway show this year at NYFW did not disappoint. But in place of her fantastic trademark frocks she debuted a line of casual active wear. This change… More »

Rihanna Is Bananas For Bandanas

I’m so obsessed with the bandana trend. It’s such a fun summer look. I hate to brush my hair so i can just put it in a messy bun and wrap a…

Black Lamé Leggings: Girly, Trendy, Casual

One of my favorite go-to items in my wardrobe are these black Lamé leggings that are so versatile and easy to wear. I can go from work, to a date night, to being home just lazy wearing these! I can style them about a thousand different ways but my top three ways are: girly, trendy,… More »

Fashion Inspiration:Fedoras

Lately, I have really been taking an interest in fedoras. Fedoras are very stylish, casual and go with anything. You can buy them in practically any color or pattern. Many celebrities have been spoted wearing fedoras recently, too. Here are a few pictures of my favorite, fashionable, fedoras I have seen. XoXo, Katelyn Howard

My Favs Brit’s Outfits // Fall 2011 Edition

Happy Halloweeney my dear Buzzneters XP I wish to all of you to spend a great night eating a lot of candies and watching horror movies 😉

By the way, I’m here with my blog dedicated…

My TOP 5 of Britney’s Outfits & Accessories – April 2011

This month the paparazzi didn’t catch a lot of pics of Britney, and I can say: i’m really happy! Because she needs to have privacy in her life as do all human beings in the…

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