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Boozle: San Antonio and Hanson’s Good Bye BBQ

If you’re an All Time Low fan, you probably already know about the COMPLETE AND UTTER MAYHEM that took place in Arlington. I’m not really allowed to talk about it because I AM allowed in…

Boozle: Tampa and Driiiiiive Day

I like you, Florida. You Floridians. Even the security at the venue was downright jolly.

HOWEVER, the bands didn’t play inside the amphitheatre like planned… so it was kinda wack that there were price level differences.


Boozle: Columbia and Charlotte and… LOST

Yesterday was the very first day of the BRS! We were positioned in between the two stages so we didn’t get to hear much until we closed up shop, then… GOOD CHARLOTTE! They killed it–even

Cartel & This Providence @ The Troubadour

I love The Troubadour. You always feel so darn close to the bands on stage. I suppose this time I really WAS close, thanks to the Buzznet LMU crew (simplekindoflovely, swingthefocus11 and emisforily) who waved…

Alex Gaskarth Interviews Will Pugh

part 2. le awesome. go buy this issue, it’s good!

Alex Gaskarth Interviews Will Pugh

For Dec. ’09 issue of AP

Cartel in December ’09 Issue

If you haven’t listened to Cycles yet you SHOULD

Fall ’09 Playlist!

Ta-da! All of these songs are fantastic. Which is your favorite? I think you should all check out one song from this list that you’ve never heard before 🙂


– Taken at 8:41 PM on January 30, 2006 – cameraphone upload by ShoZu

Happy Cartel Day!

Today is a fine day for our beloved videobloggers Cartel— they released their second CD, and oh, it’s good.

Music Buzz 1/31

Gym Class “It’s Ok, But Just This once” acoustic. (FHMonline)NY Teen tells the RIAA to suck it. (1010wins)Jay-Z for… Cherry Coke? (postchronicle)Cartel on Cribs. (vh1)The Police are reuniting. Does anyone care? (punknews)

MTVU Woodie countdown

6 Days until the MTVU Woodie Awards! They air 11/2 at 8pm ET/PT, so mark your calendars!Two of your beloved bands are up for Woodie of the Year; The Academy Is… for “Slow Down” and…

NFG interview with

Here are some of my fav questions, you can read the whole interview here.
So lets start off by talking about the new album “Coming Home”. What was the inspiration behind the writing of this album?

More Cartel @ Warped!

Cartel performing “Say Anything (Else)” @ Pomona Warped

Cartel performing “If I Fail”

@ Warped Tour 2006, Pomona (7/7/06)

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