DIY: Glitter Candle Holders!

I came across this gorgeous, super easy to make glitter candle holder DIY idea on Pinterest and couldn’t help but make some for the BubbleGoth HQ. I used cheap candle holders from Ross, but you can glitter anything – from mason jars to little votive candle holders to picture frames. What you need: – Mod… More »

Audrey Kitching: Naked Princess Product Review

The brand Naked Princess sent me the most beautiful and elegant box of products to try and review! All of their items are paraben free, phthalate free, Talc-free and GMO-free… Right up my alley! I was blown away with the packaging. It was so fancy and gorgeous that it rivaled brands like Prada. The box… More »

Birthday Presents from my Family in Estonia!!!

I received a late birthday gift from my family in Estonia today. They sent me all my favorite things – black bread and this one spice – aroma salt – that they only have in Estonia and that makes every food so much better. I also got some of my favorite JOIK candles and an… More »

My Two New Kawaii Friends!

Today I’ve been at IKEA with my parents because they needed new shelfes for their bedroom. But you know I’ve already bought the big carrot the last time I’ve been and now they made also the little one and Mr. Broccoli too! *_* I really love them!!!! I bought also a lot of new candles:… More »

I Have An Addiction..

This is what the tables in my house look like at all times. Im always buying new candles and always running around looking for lighters.…

I’m addicted to… – Week #4

Boots, Fruit Bubble Bath, Leopard Jacket, “What lies beneath” Tarja Turunen’s new album, leather bracalets,…

blow me out

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