camp spin-off

BUZZNET Exclusive: Buzznet’s Day At Camp Spin-Off (VIDEO)

What’s better than going to sleepaway camp for a whole week? Going to sleepaway DJ camp! Yes, it exists, thanks to founder DJ Tina T  and it’s called Camp…

A Day At Camp Spin-Off

When Buzznet asked me to help cover Camp Spin-Off and take photos, I jumped at the chance! How cool would that be?! I attended DJ camp for the day with Buzznet Entertainment Editor Patty Gopez on July 30th and saw just what Camp Spin-Off was all about. Check out the photos I took from our… More »

Get To Know: DJ Tina T

If you haven’t heard of DJ Tina T just yet, you will very soon! The acclaimed DJ, who was recently voted Las Vegas’ “Best Female DJ” for the…

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