BubbleGothTastic: The Queen of Creepy Cakes!

Moon Babies, meet the incredible Christine McConnell aka the queen of creepy cakes and treats <3 The Los Angeles based stylist/photographer turned baker has been getting tons of rad attention for her seriously amazing culinary masterpieces. Not only has she taught herself how to whip up these beautifully gothic treats, but she creates her own… More »

The Best Disney Desserts!

I’m a big Disney fan, so when I discovered an entire tumblr page dedicated to Disney cakes, I knew I had to share it!! Here are some of my favorites… What’s your favorite Disney movie? Leave me a comment. 🙂 Mine is The Little Mermaid! More For You: What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’?

Nasty Cakes

Nothing like getting a nasty slogan cake to celebrate something in your life! I came across this super rude and funny cakes… can you imagine if someone gave you one of these!?

Have Your ‘Twilight’ and Eat It Too! 20 Awesome ‘Twilight Saga’ Cakes

Have you ever wanted a Twilight Saga cake?
Well, even if you didn’t, here is a compilation of 20 Awesome Twilight Saga Cakes

Nothing says “hardcore fan” quite like themed pastries. <br…

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