Celeb’s 2012 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Buzznet! We love all the sweets, scary movies and most of all we love the costumes! The best part of Halloween is being able to dress up as whatever you want, even if it’s only for one day a year! It seems like every year the… More »

Barbie Gone Bad – Barbie Dissected

Check out these anatomical Barbie models by Toy-anatomy freak/master Jason Freeny. I am a huge fan of his work cause you can’t get more BubbleGothtastic than a dissected babydoll and there’s nothing more creepy/cute than the anatomy of a skelanimal. Check out Jasons work and buy prints HERE! I might get a piece of his… More »

Clothing Swap At Lola’s House

I’ve been in a crazy writing mode lately but decided to take Sunday morning off and do something fun. Lola had a clothing swap in her house and a bunch of girls showed up with cute snacks and bags full of unwanted and very awesome clothes. The rules of the swap were:”The moment you find… More »

Celebrating: Emily Loftiss + Me

Last week I saw that Hannabeth was putting up some galleries of her best friends, and I thought it was super sweet and cute, so I decided to totally copycat and do the same thing. Mostly because Loftiss and I have so many AMAZING photos in costumes! Emily was a Rockette with me, but is… More »

Summer Flings & Diamond Rings – Weekly Fashion Inspiration

Check out what’s inspring me this week! xoxo

Di$count Universe

Discount Universe’s new collection is so dead on it’s insane! This is hands down the best I have seen done in this style! I can’t figure out which outfits I love most… the blazers and bone skirts are pretty high on my list! THOUGHTS?

How To Layer Your Clothes!

Back on an old #askkeltie chat someone asked for a gallery about how to layer your clothes. Now that spring is here, and the warmer weather is coming, it’s a great time to layer tons and tons! You never know what the weather will be like! Here are some of my favorite layering ideas to… More »

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