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BUZZNET EXCLUSIVE: Is Honor Society Smarter Than 5th Graders?

August has offically been dubbed Back To School month and I know so many of you are getting ready to head back in the next couple of weeks! I put my friends in <a…

Welcome Brian Logan Dales To The Buzznet Family!

My name is Brian Logan Dales and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the Buzzmaker family!

When I’m not touring incessantly with my…

Sleeping Dogs Video Game Event In LA

Hey everyone!

Last night I attended the release party for the video game Sleeping Dogs. It was awesome to hangout with my fellow Buzzmakers Keltie Colleen & Hannabeth. The event was held at…

Lola’s Personal & Photo Diary!

Well hello again, my foxy friends. I’m sick in bed, which means I finally have some time to write & post! I’ve been posting a fair amount of photos with little to no insight into what’s actually going on in my life on any given day, so I’m going to try to accompany my photo… More »

Buzzmaker Photo Shoot: Dani Vitale

Hey guys! The pictures finally here!!! It feels like two little christmas’s seeing the Buzznet interview they made for me and now these pictures!! The shoot was so fun like I mentioned before. I don’t really like “modeling” that much. It’s really hard for me to make serious faces or try to be “sexy” lol… More »

Buzzmaker Photo Shoot: Hannabeth

Hey guys. Check out these photos from my buzzmaker photo shoot. Xo Thanks x

Get To Know Buzzmaker Profile: Lola Blanc

Hey guys! So, I recently stopped by the Buzznet headquarters for a quick interview, in which I talked a little bit about what’s going on with me! Check out the video below, which also features…

Get To Know Buzzmaker Profile: Dani Vitale

Buzznet gave a group of us girls the most amazing opportunity to do a photoshoot and “get to know me” video interview! Being one of the Buzzmakers has…

Photo Diary: Christina + I’s Best Friend Disneyland Girls Trip Adventure!

I was so lucky to have my bestie Christina in town this week. She has been all over the planet and the UK performing on awards shows, writing the wedding scene song for Twilight and being the most kick-ass singer songwriter in the business. Since she was in Germany and missed my epic 30th birthday,… More »

Reasons To Stop Talking To Your EX NOW!

Hi, Stop being an idiot and look at all of these many reasons why talking to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is a no good, very bad idea. Maybe one day you will be friends, but I’m becoming a strong believer in the fact that you can never really “be friends” if you had a bad… More »

Trend I love: Pretty Pastels!

Last weekend I was inTOPSHOP in Las Vegas+ I went on a giantshopping spree. Okay, I bought 2 dresses, and I was overwhelmed with the pastel colors everywhere. It was like Easter eggs were throwing up on me, but lucky for me, I LOVE pastel colors and fashion. I collected some of my favorite ways… More »

Introducing: The Buzzmakers Module

Today is a big day on Buzznet. Not only did we unveil Buzznet Rewards, we now have a new way for you to see the latest posts from your favorite Buzzmakers. Whenever you visit…

Get To Know Buzzmaker Profile: Kerli

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Get To Know Buzzmaker Profile: Jessi Jae Joplin

Check out the super cool interview I did while at the official Buzznet Buzzmaker photo shoot!  I had such a blast and it was so much fun spending…

Get To Know Buzzmaker Profile: Hannabeth

Hey guys, check out this awesome interview I did while at the official Buzznet Buzzmaker photo shoot!

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PHOTO DIARY: Grammy Week, Buzzmakers, & Cookies

What with Grammy week, jury duty, writing sessions, meetings, and a slew of events to attend, this month has been relatively overwhelming. But the worst of the craziness is over (our jury’s verdict was guilty on three counts of murder), and now my many colorful hair choices of the past few weeks are all on… More »

Buzznet Buzzmakers Shoot!!!!

Last week me and the other Buzzmakers got together, hung out and took some pictures. We had to put together 2 looks for the shoot – one colorful and one more conservative. They wanted everyone to kinda match cause we were doing group shots so I had a hard time figuring out my “normal” outfit… More »

Buzz Makers Unite!

Yesterday I had SO much fun shooting with all the Buzzmakers! Most of them I had met before, but some I was meeting for the first time… it was a total girl power photo shoot.. We did two looks & interviews.. Got there around 8 a.m. & didn’t wrap till 7 p.m… it was definitely… More »

The New Age Amazon’s Practical Guide to Buzznet

Hello there.  Welcome to Buzznet.  I’m the New Age Amazon.  You can also call me Ashly.  Please don’t spell it with an “e.”  Long story.

ANYWAY, as the Buzznet Empire expands with the acquisitions of lesser…

My Two Cents Worth

So, there’s been a lot of talk from a portion of the Buzznet community about the ads on the site promoting the Scene Queens.  And I figured it’s about time for me to add my…