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Thursday Buzz 7/19

Frances Bean Cobain, where you been? Your face looks different. (Evil Beet)

And her mama takes a shot at Gwen. But she can’t spell so I can’t take her seriously. (No Doubt Web)

Annnnd Gwen…

Wednesday Buzz 7/18

Google makes everything so easy. Even finding terrorist classes! (IBBB)

Bunny is a NICKname, not a REAL name. Geez. (Evil Beet)

Posh doesn’t want to be besties with P. Hilly. (IntoGossip)
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Tuesday Buzz 7/17

Brandon Flowers is a daddy! Baby Flowers was born Saturday! (Allieiswired)

Recappin’ Posh Spice’s reality show with IBBB.

Is Paris Hilton drugging her dates? (Evil Beet)


Friday the 13th Buzz!

Travis and Shanna– off again. (seriouslyomg)

Anna Faris got a new face. (Evil Beet)

Um, nice ad? (MTV Style Blog)

Smiles for Lily Allen! (Pop Bytes)


Wednesday Buzz 7/11

Projeckt Revolution ticket giveaway hollaaaaa. (LAist)

Are the FOBs being destructive? (seriouslyomg)

Lindsay Lohan Love Letters? (Evil Beet)

Did Live Earth live up to the hype? (Shoutmouth)

Zac Efron…

Tuesday Buzz 7/10

Andy Samberg doesn’t like living alone. (Pop Bytes)

Is Madonna SERIOUS? (Yeeeah)

James Blunt sold his sister on ebay? (intogossip)

Stalking Fergie. Hey maybe that guy actually knows what the song means?…

Monday Buzz 7/9

Joel Madden is my hero! No serious, look who he was about to beat down! (The Dirty Disher)

Clay Aiken beaten up by a girl? (IBBB)

The Spice Girls…

Friday Buzz 7/6

Thursday Buzz 7/5

Hilary Duff hookin’ up with Brody Jenner? Say it ain’t so, Hil! (The Dirty Disher)

Katharine McPhee wants to be barefoot and pregnant. (Allie is Wired)

Al Gore’s…

Tuesday Buzz 7/3

Well folks, sorry to disspoint, but Nic Rich IS pregnant. (POTP)

Have you been to the converted Kwik-E-Marts yet? (seriouslyomg)

Drew Barrymore + Zach Braff. I can see that working, yeah. (Evil Beet)
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Monday Buzz 7/2

Criss Angel, keepin’ secrets! (The Blemish)

All the ladies applying to be on The Bachelor are dirty. (The Dirty Disher)

Britney Spears: Pop Quiz. (Holy Candy)

Lily Allen <a…

Thursday Buzz 6/28

Sienna Miller’s longest relationship. (The Dirty Disher)

Marilyn Manson is needy. (IntoGossip)

Joss Stone wants us to pray for Perez Hilton. (allieiswired)

Gerard Way talks about ‘Umbrella Academy‘…

Tuesday Buzz 6/26

Paula Abdul has a new reality show. Hmm. (PopBytes)

Does anyone think it’s odd that Angelina hasn’t told Brad “I love you”? Anyone? Anyone? (wwtdd via tasj)


Monday Buzz 6/25

Britney Spears is filing a restraining order… against her MOM. (IntoGossip)

Cameron Diaz offends the entire country of Peru. (The Dirty Disher)

Kill Bill 3… and 4? Yeah, I could…

Friday Buzz 6/22

Zahara Jolie-Pitt for Black Sabbath. (Evil Beet)

Heroes finale info! Why Peter couldnt fly away himself. (ONTD)

Older siblings are smarter. (Mental Floss)

Chad Micheal Murray is a terror. (Allie is Wired)
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Thursday Buzz 6/21

Rehab sounds like a blast. (IBBB)

Ok, I give in. Suri Cruise is pretty freakin adorable. (The Dirty Disher)

Spice Girls pregnancy ban. (IntoGossip)

Controversial yogurt ads from…

Wednesday Buzz 6/20

Internet Addition Disorders. Hahaha. You have to read this. (Wired)

Hilary Clinton picks her campaign song annnnd it’s a bad one. (PopBytes)

Isaiah Washinton likens himself to Malcolm X. (Holy Candy)

Kelly Clarkson is…

Tuesday Buzz 6/19

Yesss! It’s another edition of IBBB’s Am I Wrong?

Natalie Portman has been busy. Studying. (ONTD)

Pow wows & The Law of Attraction. (Galadarling)

10 Commandments for Drivers….

Thursday Buzz 6/14

More of that Britney brand crazy you love so much. (TBYLTH)

Lindsay Lohan has hired Paris Hilton lookalikes. Um, what?


Tuesday Buzz 6/12

Fast Food without make up! No srsly.

Lily Allen in Elle Magazine. (PopBytes)

Jessica Alba keeps it classy. (Allie is Wired)

Cheese Heroin in Texas. (CNN)

Holy <a…