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Get A Jump On Spring With These Jumpsuits

In an alternate universe where I wasn’t a weird goth teenager version of Inspector Gadget and didn’t wear the same black-jeans-and-t-shirts combo every single day, I think I would probably wear a lot of jumpsuits. Floral ones even. Why? They just seem so breezy and comfy while still being chic and fashionable, plus even though… More »

What To Wear: Sasquatch Music Festival

Let me be completely honest with you, because we’re friends and all. I am going to tell you what to wear to Sasquatch, but that doesn’t mean I have ever been to Sasquatch or have any idea what I am talking about. I have been to the state of Washington (twice) so I have that… More »

Raise The Bar (And Your Height) With The Awesome Prom Shoes

As you and I both know, there are very few things in life more important than shoes (okay, so there are things like health care and human rights and the environment and stuff, but you know, after that). So this Prom, while dresses are important and dates are something to think about, let us not… More »

What To Wear To Coachella: Maxi Dresses

It’s that time again pals. That time where people from all over the country gather in a field in the middle of the desert, all for one reason: to show off their awesome fashion. Oh also I guess to see some live music, and buy $20 hamburgers and $5 waters, but mostly for the clothes…. More »

Nine Light And Breezy Jackets For Spring

Do you love jackets? I love jackets. Well, not all jackets. Some jackets. Especially Spring jackets, because they are light-weight and breezy and perfect for the slightly crisp nights where you are dancing in the moonlight or running through fields of green or other such Springtime activities. Here are some lovely (and lovable) jackets to… More »

10 Wild And Crazy Platforms To Teeter Around In This Spring

As everyone knows, the end game of 80% of all fashion footwear is to make yourself freakishly tall (this is totally not a statistic I just made up right now). So what if you are likely to fall off these giant shoes and break an ankle? It hurts to be beautiful people, and sometimes that… More »

Sixteen Swishy Skirts To Sashay Around Spring In

You know what is the best? When it’s warm outside and you throw on a swishy skirt and then put on your favorite song and spin in circles in the grass to it and let the skirt REALLY DO ITS THING. I know you know what I am talking about, and because it’s almost time… More »

Get The Look: Jennifer Lawrence

While we’re anxiously waiting for Hunger Games to come out (it’s less than one month away!), Jennifer Lawrence is steadily making herself a household name. Having already landed multiple magazine covers and having been nominated for an Academy Award, the 21-year-old is making herself known in the entertainment industry. While she’s definitely been recognized for… More »

14 Flirty Shoes To Wear On Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re displaying your heart on your sleeve or buying a melting clock for your lover on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to nab a pair of flirty shoes for yourself. Ok, so you’re not really spending money on him, but we’re sure you’ll sweep him off his feet with what you’re wearing on yours! And… More »

14 Ways To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve (And Elsewhere)

It’s February 1st, which means that for the next two weeks the only thing anyone anywhere will be talking about/thinking about/silently loathing is Valentine’s Day! Regardless of your feelings or plans for this year’s V-Day, coupled or not, bitter or corny, cute clothes are still cute clothes. Thus I present to you 14 days worth… More »

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