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I was cleaning these guys out today and decided it would show you the size between the younger caterpillar and the bigger ones that are getting close to pupating. Pupating is when the caterpillar has finished eating and is now the size to go into it’s next state that will result in the adult butterfly… More »


So I found two caterpillars a week ago on my parsley and another on my dill and finally I found 2 more on my fennel. This is one that’s on my fennel. I’m so happy to be raising 5 caterpillars even if it’s a lot of work. I do have one chrysalis from last fall… More »


OKAY so this is short and probably quite boring but this is how fast they eat. In this case it’s eating parsley. There is no sound unless you hear the background sounds of my camera or fridge !!!! The caterpillar is now in it’s position to begin pupating [form it’s chrysalis] it should stay in… More »

Li Cari butterfly hoodie

The butterfly hoodie 🙂 get it now! 🙂 here is the direct link to shop online //shop.shoplicari.com/product.sc?productId=48&categoryId=7 Today I had a photo shoot for my street wear line with Audrey Kitching and another model named jackie more photos will be posted SOOON and Audrey will post some photos on her new site!!

A Quick Video of my Monarch Butterflies……

These are two males that had been out of their chrysalis for about two hours. Their wings were all dry and firm and they were ready to be released. I had to touch them to wake them up but the one on the right got out and flew to the window. The chrysalis on the… More »

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