Instagram Obsession: Benji Bunny *CAUTION* EXTREME CUTENESS

OKAY…I’m obsessed. “@BenjiBun” is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I came across this Rex Rabbit on Instagram the other day and I am in love. From playing dress up (infamous for a good bow-tie) to eating his veggies, this lil guy has simply stolen my heart. You need to see for yourself! Take… More »


So here I am again with another road trip of photos. I hope you enjoy all the crazy things I get to see while driving, stopped in traffic or in…

25 Of The Craziest Easter Eggs!

Happy Sunday all! In honor of Easter(and the fact I am not dying eggs myself) I wanted to look up really cool decorated Easter eggs! Not to toot my own horn but I can make some really cool eggs, but these eggs take the crown. I mean who knew someone could make a Pokemon, Star… More »

Extravagant Easter Eggs

It’s that time of year again, Easter! Every Easter, my family and I spend the day eating, Easter egg hunting, and my favorite, dying Easter Eggs! Dying Easter eggs has become a tradtion for many families during Easter. Here are some of the best, most extravagent, dyed Easter eggs! Hope you enjoy and Happy Easter!… More »

Kawaii Bunny

I think that during Easter the best are the moments which you can to spend with family and kawaii bunny!! So, special for you I found a few sweet photos :)Gallery is inspired by El Rich: Would You Rather: The Creepy Bunny Edition

Would You Rather: The Creepy Bunny Edition

Oh, Easter. With only a few tweaks here and there, Easter, just like my life, can be an awful and scary thing. On the one hand, we have bunnies (which are cute), but then you have people (which are weird) that like to dress up as bunnies (which is not cool) and hold your children… More »

Question Of The Day: Cute Bunny Appresh Post + Easter Stuff

Hey Buzznet! It’s almost Bunny Day! That means that we will now have some posts with bunnies in them doing bunny stuff! Take a peek at this cute s**t right myah:

I just -…

50 Bunnies That Are Much Cuter Than The Easter Bunny

Spring has sprung and Easter is here. It seems like time is flying by so quickly, soon enough I am going to be talking about summer and the beach! With Easter being today, March 31, I have decided to put together a gallery of bunnies who are much cuter than the Easter bunny. The Easter… More »

Style Icon: Fifi Lapin

My new current obssesion in the fashion world is a bunny. She kinda has my dream closet and im a bit jealous. Fifi Lapin is an extremely stylish rabbit. She loves nothing better than spending her time shopping, browsing fashion magazines, shopping and attending the opening of an envelope. Follow Fifi’s Blog HERE

Down The Rabbit Hole – Bunny Inspired Stuff

Bunny ears in fashion isn’t a new thing but I found this super Kawaii bunny ear iPhone case and remembered how much I love bunny-themed stuff. It’s a very close tie between bunnies, pandas and kittens when it comes to cuteness I think. Here’s a cool gallery of some unexpected use of bunnies…<3 Love, k… More »

Jessi Jae Joplin’s Fabulous DIY Easter

Easter is one of my most favorite holidays of the year. I mean, all the pastel colors, tacky photos at the mall with the Easter Bunny and the endless amounts of candy…I just can’t get enough of it. I decided to have a DIY Easter and decorate eggs and baskets with fun things like rhinestones,… More »

Happy Easter Buzznet!

Today Is Amazing! Easter Egg Hunt, Coloring Eggs And Me Cooking Dinner! Wish Me Luck -Gabbie

I’m just like a little kid when I open gifts

I’m waiting for Femme Fatale Premium Edition (today it should to arrive it to me! AAAAWWWW *w*)and a couple of minutes ago, rang on my door, it was the postman, of course and I was…

Chicks Man…

After the screening of HOP the characters from the movie mad an awesome cameo. We had to take pictures with them, I mean they are the stars of…

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