bryce avary

Buzznet Exclusive: Amoeba Adventure With The Rocket Summer & CD Giveaway

One of our favorite things to do with artists is find out what records have inspired their music and hold a special place in their hearts. Our…

Stream The Entirety Of The Rocket Summer’s New Album

Left frustrated by The Rocket Summer‘s 30-second previews of ‘Life Will Write The Words‘ over the weekend? Can’t wait one more day until the album’s official release…

Song vs. Song: SPRING THEME

Fevers, flowers, flings and blooming things.

Of Men, Angels and Absolutely No Disco Sticks: An Interview with The Rocket Summer

To Bryce Avary’s future children–move along, nothing here to see. As for everyone else–on February 23rd, 2010, the scene will be gifted with The Rocket Summer’s fourth studio album, Of Men and Angels. If the

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