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Be My Valentine Playlist

Happy Valentine’s Day my dear Buzzneters, since I feel a lot of romantic vibes, here I am with another blog dedicated to this magic day.

I put together part of my favorite…

Top 5 Super Bowl Half Time Performances

Yes, I will admit that the one reason I tune into the Super Bowl is to watch the halftime performance.. and the commericals ( I do enjoy football though)…

My Favorite Epic Album Covers

Me and music have been in a happy relationship for 20 years. I’m totally the girl who has to rewind a certain part when the drums are just too insane to handle or a vocal note hit me like a ton of bricks. I usually hit friends during live shows to make sure they caught… More »

Isle Of Wight Festival – Wish You Were There Instead Of Warped Tour?

There’s a reason why the London date of Vans Warped Tour is being held indoors. Well there’s two reasons. One is that the event is in Winter but the other is that British…

Gerard Way Joins Blink-182 On Stage (And Other Surprise Live Guest Performers)

As Tom Delonge struggled on through his Honda Civic tour Sunday night show in Detroit without his voice due to a ‘cold’, Blink-182 called upon their support acts for a little helping hand. First show-opener…

Panic! at the Disco and Neon Trees Combine Their Powers to Cover Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’

What happens when you get two intense frontmen like Brendon Urie and Tyler Glenn on stage together to perform a cover of a Bruce Springsteen hit? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure what I just watched was MAGIC. During the 9/1 show in Central Park, Panic! and Neon Trees collaborated on a cover of… More »

New Jersey Flags Will Fly at Half-Mast for E. Street Band’s Clarence Clemons

Over the weekend, the world was shocked to hear that Clarence Clemons, saxophone player for the legendary E. Street Band, had passed away following a stroke.  In the past few days, the music world has…

The 10 Most Memorable Oscar Musical Performances

Musical performances are an essential part of an awards show viewing. Many (if not most) people tune in to specifically catch certain performances. Last year’s telecast omitted live music from the ceremony, which…

Jimmy Fallon and ‘The Boss’ Whip Their Hair Back and Forth

Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” has become a catchy hit song and, naturally, a new internet meme.  So of course, it’s entered “parody cover” territory now.

Last night, on Late…

Patrick Stump Defends Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band

In the few days that have passed since Super Bowl XLIII, there has been a lot of buzz over a “controversy” that took place before and during the game.  And no, this has nothing to

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