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Music Monday: Let Her Go by Passenger

Top songs of the week, and I’m sure a few of them will stick around for a while. 🙂 Let Her Go by Passenger Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low Only hate the road when you’re missin’ home Only know you love her when you let her go And you let her… More »

Album Equation: Bright Eyes’ The People’s Key

An album review in four pictures. Let us begin with Bright Eyes‘ new release, The People’s Key:

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Music Links: GCH, Regina Spektor, Bright Eyes

Fantastic Regina interview here and interesting story about where she gets her inspiration here

There will be one last Bright Eyes album

Gym Class Heroes and Good Charlotte join the Denny’s Rock Star…


I’ve had a song dedicated to me three times–twice by Yellowcard when they covered Michelle Branch’s “Everywhere” (which may have hinted at my fervent fandom, mmhmm) and “Nothing Serious” when Over It (now Runner Runner)

Fuse’s All American Face Off

Fuse is celebrating the beauty of democracy with
state-by-state battles between musicians.  And they’re asking you to vote
so they can figure out who to play over July 4th weekend.


Yahoo Lists 10 Most Annoying Singers: Lily Allen, Billy Corgan Appear

Normally I don’t pay much attention to lists because, hey, to each their own, but when I came across Yahoo Music‘s 10 Most Annoying Singers I…

Breesays Vblog: Sisterface, drunk dude, and Halloween

My sister is more addicted to the internet than I am. Bright Eyes was awesome. What should I be for Halloween?

Hot Knives – Bright Eyes

Music Links 6/15

Bright Eyes Interview with Paper Mag.

Travis Barker remixes Rihanna. (DefJam)

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s MP3! (Blogsarefordogs)

Andrew McMahon Blog Update. (Absolutepunk)

Music Stuff 4/25

No more bad words in Hip Hop?

Kirsten Dunst thinks the US has “crap bands” (intoGossip)

Conor Oberst: Drunk and Generous. Damn, why wasn’t *I* at that show? (stereogum)

Killers cover Moz— it’s good,…

Music Stuff 4/19

Um, Akon is gross. (POTP)

Leaky Tori Amos. (Idolator)

The Zen of Screaming. (Spinner)

Bright Eyes debuted at #4 on Billboard! (indieblogheaven)

Music Stuff 4/17

Who doesn’t love the Josie & The Pussycats soundtrack? (Idolator)

Get to know The Noisettes! (PopBytes)

THIS is going to be a GREAT comp. (NME)

Kisschasy’s new vid, “Opinions Won’t Keep You…

Conor Oberst for Costco? Um, no.

Mark Edge just tipped me off on this story about Costco selling FAKE Conor-signed guitars on their website. “Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes Signed Acoustic Guitar” for $899.99Hold on a sec. Costco? Where families go…

Music Stuff 4/10

Bowling for Soup are gonna cover Fergie’s “London Bridge” (Rocklouder)Cassadaga slammed by critics. Boo! (musicslut)Bad Religion new video glimpse. Lily Allen taking over TV. (themodernage)

New Music Tuesday 4/10

Bright Eyes – CassadagaBleed the Dream – Killer InsideBlonde Redhead – 23Blessthefall – His Last WalkFrom Autumn to Ashes – Holding a Wolf by the EarsThe Graduate – AnhedoniaLimbeck – Self-TitledThe New Amsterdams – Killed…

Back up off the Brando(e)ns!

So Cracked posted this list of the 9 Biggest Wussies in Rock Music, and at first I was like, whatever, Billy Corgan, Moby and Chris Cornell are so 1997. But then I click to page…

Music Stuff 3/29

Leaky Bright Eyes. Yay! (Idolator)The Fratellis – “Cigarello” Live at SXSW. (HearYa)The Donnas finish recording, give you a new song. (punknews)Easy on the guyliner, Petey. (Nylon)

Music Stuff 3/28

Thursday and Island  Records part ways. (Punknews)New Fall of Troy song. (punknews)Jack White to play Elvis. (Cinematical)Bright Eyes talks to Billboard. (Reuters)Music Jocks vs. Music Nerds! (Stereogum)

Bright Eyes of the Future

The Bright Eyes man of the month (er, next month, anyway) is unleashing Cassadaga to the masses on April 10th. Nylon describes Oberst’s newest musical effort as an expression of the idea that “Growing up…

Music Stuff 3/9

Brandon Flowers tastes like Potato Chips! (music slut)Bright Eyes – No One would Riot For Less. (indieblogheaven)Menomena Tour, Video. (YANP)Whats the Greatest Indie Anthem of ALL TIME? (NME)

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