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Brian Friedman Choreographs “Scream & Shout” Routine

Brian Friedman’s infamous quote explaining why Britney doesn’t do the hardcore dancing (‘I’m a mother, I’ve got two kids,’) like she used to will haunt him for some time, but hopefully this number he choreographed for “Scream & Shout” inspires Brit to drop the mom jeans, jump into a pair of sweats and get crackin…. More »


Choreographer Brian Friedman posted a behind-the-scenes video of the Hold It Against Me rehearsals. It may be damage control, but it’s still pretty interesting to get another perspective! Britney is not featured in part one (except possibly the last five seconds), but there will be a part two. Check out the first half!

Someone get Brian Friedman a non-disclosure

Choreographer Brian Friedman likes to talk about Britney. So it’s no surprise to see him gab about Brit in a new interview where he claims Britney won’t dance like she used to because she’s a mommy now. Fans didn’t like to hear that. All the drama with Bri Bri started when he hyped up the… More »

Brian Friedman: “Britney really dances in HIAM, coming soon the rehersals video”

“She danced during the whole video. She’s amazing! Who you see during the breakdown, is really her! Director wanted to balance dance with other scenes. Coming soon it will be a rehearsal video!”

Brian Friedman dances on HIAM

From breakdown part to the end Wonderful!!

Britney Spears live @ Saturday Night Live – Boys

One of her best performances ever! She’s so sexy and you can see also Brian Friedman dances with her (around 2:15 you can see him better) February 2nd, 2002

Brian Friedman talks about the video of Hold it against me

“!Britney is a 30 years old strong woman” he said

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