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Music Notes 2/14

Ohhhh snap, it’s Valentine’s day! Nothing is sweeter than you (or chocolate) but should you feel the need to indulge your music-minded brain a bit, here are some stories.

What music did Gwen Stefani pick for her L.A.M.B.…

Nicki Minaj Round Up

Hip-pop singer Nicki Minaj is really rising to Lady Gaga-levels to attract attention these days. Her having an alter ego is nothing to blink an eye at–even Beyonce has Sasha Fierce–but let’s…

Reactions To Chris Brown’s Grammy Appearance

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s–I watched the twitter feed when the east coasters started rolling out their commentary. I’m relieved that most of the people I follow were not supporting Chris Brown‘s appearance at…

Smash + Crushed + Medusa

Watch the episode here: //

Grammy Trail Off #9: Death Cab For Cutie’s ‘Codes And Keys’

Being in the running for Best Alternative Album might feel quite familiar to Death Cab For Cutie; their 2005 release, Plans, got a nod–but The White Stripes’ Get Behind Me Satan took it that year. This…

Grammy Trail Off #8: P!nk’s ‘F***in’ Perfect’

Brought to you by Bing

Pop performer P!nk already has three Grammys–but this year could be #4 if she takes Best Pop Solo performance for “F***in’ Perfect.”

Remember her…

Music Notes 2/9

I think my brain may have already packed up and split for the weekend. I’m going to go on a mission to retrieve the runaway–you stay here and read some music news, eh?

Katy Perry is <a…

President Obama Puts No Doubt And Arcade Fire On His Playlist

The President–he’s just like us! He makes playlists! (on spotify, even). Barack Obama has revealed his 2012 re-election campaign playlist and much to my personal delight, No Doubt‘s Tragic Kingdom track “Different People” is…

14 Gifts To Give Yourself For Valentine’s Day

I’m not the kind of person who needs an excuse to reward myself handsomely (I only pushed the snooze button twice this morning, Starbucks for me!) but some people are under the impression the Valentine’s Day is only for couples and crushes and marrieds–and like most things in life, it can only be what you… More »

Storytellers Group: My First Date

I used this photo because that’s about how old I was. 15ish. Anyway, my first date was with a half-japanese boy named Alan. We met at an ice skating rink, which is mostly me out of my element because I hate cold. He had his younger friend ask me for my number. I do not… More »

Question of the Day: Who Was Your First Crush?

Today’s Q is brought to you by BreeSays. Look at this snazzy video she made:

I am surprised that her first…

Storytime! My First Crush

Oh, young love… and the best friends that steal it.

Grammy Trail Off #7: The Lonely Island’s ‘Turtleneck & Chain’

The Grammys aren’t all srs bzns, you know–there is a place for LOLZ. And one of the nominees for Best Comedy Album this year is Turtleneck & Chain by the side-splitting trio known as The…

Music Notes 2/7

I ate a burrito the size of my head today. THAT may not be relevant to your interests, but perhaps these music news stories are:

Who’s rumored to be a Warped Tour headliner now?

<img src=""…

No Doubt Tweet Spree 2/7/12

We’re getting closer and closer to No Doubt‘s next album being finished–and Gwen, Tom, Adrian and Tony KNOW that we’re hanging on every single tweet! Here are some of the photos and tweets they posted today. There’s a video, too–go check it out on their Twitter.

Grammy Trail Off #6: Skrillex And Sprites

Your boy Skrillex is all up in the 2012 Grammy nominations. Today we begin our fact-filled journey with his EP and song Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, which are nominated for Best Dance Recording AND Best Dance…

Inception Dreaming with Breesays

Have you ever talked about a dream, while you were still asleep and dreaming?

Music Notes 2/6

Oh Monday, you’re so… Mondayish. Perhaps these slices of music news can perk us all up a bit?

New Foxy Shazam video for “I Like It

New Anarbor track “Whiskey…

Grammy Trail Off #5: Foster The People’s ‘Pumped Up Kicks’

We know “Pumped Up Kicks” has already won a place in your heart (a place that you muffle out sometimes, because damn, it’s being played everywhere!)–but will Foster The People take home a…

Music Notes 2/3

TGIF, ladybugs. I humbly offer you these bits of music news before you get your weekending on.

Bon Iver says “eff you” to The Grammys. Kind of.


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