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Music Stuff 3/6

Awwwwesome UK Brand New interview! (DiS)Bright Eyes, !!! full album streams. (punknews)Worst Singers Ever. (RS)GlassJAw is rumored to be playing Bamboozle. (absolutepunk)Fan killed waiting in line for RHCP tickets. (gigwise)

Music Stuff 2/26

Is Lily Allen homeless? (PR Inside)Fergie’s iTunes playlist. (ONTD)New episode of TAI TV!Brand New, Incubus, Red Jumpsuit on TV this week. (Absolutepunk)

Brand New (LIVE) I Will Play My Game Beneath The Spin Light

@ Bamboozle Left 10/15/06

Brand New performing “The Quiet Things”

@ The Avalon, 7/8/06

Brand New @ The Avalon, 7/8/06

The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows – Brand New

This song always stirs up… memories.

Sic Transit Gloria – Brand New

One of my favorite videos, AND favorite songs.

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