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Indonesia Celebrates Paramore Festival 2011 – With a Bang!

This past weekend in Jakarta, Indonesia Paramore fans united for the day long 2011 Paramore Festival. Now what is a Paramore Festival? Well, it is exactly what I sounds like! A day filled with…

Paramore Reschedules Tour Dates

Shall I skip the clever intro and just get to the point? Hayley Williams has layringitis. Her voice gave out at the very end of their first night on the tour, in Pomona, CA. The

A Paler Shade of Paramore: “Ignorance” Performance on Conan

Oh shiz, guess who’s a blond now!? Tonight Show appearance on 9/28/09.

Paramore’s “Ignorance” Music Video Teaser

Via Absolutepunk. Is it just me or is she shining the light in Josh’s face a lot? Anyway, the full shebang comes out this Thursday, July 13th!

Paramore Talk About The Butterfly

Holy LiveJournal catharsis, Batman! Hayley Williams made up for some lost time on the band’s official blog yesterday evening. She talked about MTV Unplugged, the upcoming music video shoot, how she’s going to pay her

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