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Four Things I Like About Good Charlotte’s ‘Like It’s Her Birthday’ Video

About a month ago Buzznet got in invite to visit the set of Good Charlotte’s music video. It was a light box, the boys dressed all in white and some sweet performance scenes.

Had we…

All Time Low: Anti-Mace and Banned in Texas

All Time Low fans are CRAZY.

That’s just a statement of fact.  And it’s generally in a good way, they get rowdy and excited to see their favorite band.  That’s hardly a crime.

Unless, of course, you’re…

The Bamboozle Roadshow 2010 Announced


Damn, since when did the roadshow get GOOD?

Do people really like Boys Like Girls that much?


Well, it’s too far from April 1st to be

The OP Tour in L.A. featuring The Maine, Cobra Starship and Boys Like Girls

First just let me shake my fist at both Lakers fans and MJ fans and the business of PARKING, because apparently last night was the first game of the season AND the red carpet premiere

What’s Worse: Band Name Edition

A band name can seem like a trivial thing, but they have the potential to mold first impressions before a single note wafts into your willing ears. It’s certainly a thing you can get past, but we have to wonder… did they think their decisions through before imprinting it on 500,000 CDs? Don’t get your… More »

Denny’s Rock Star Menu Revealed

Oh man, it’s really awful to read about food when you’re starving. Anyway, has anyone yet to experience Denny’s Rock Star menu? Because Idolator wrote about it and um, it sounds kind of good.

Taylor Swift covering Boys Like Girls & Rihanna

I’m going to go ahead and admit this is pretty awesome. And people are singing along!

Me Interviewing Boys Like Girls

At the Palms Hotel in Vegas during the VMA’s.

MTV Rookie Showcase- VMA weekend in Vegas

Warped Photo Update

Dan & Tommy at the Merch Booth

Oxygen Bar in Vegas

More Oxygen

Boone came and visited in Vegas

Got to see Tim Truth in Vancover

Brendon and I in catering

Jeffree and I…

boys like girls

tomorrow is SLC

suprise, we’re hot

Hanging out w. Boys like Girls.

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Almost Famous #4

Vanessa with Martin from Boys Like Girlstragicragdoll with Joe from Fall Out Boythemixedxtape with Andrew from Jack’s MannequinThanks to everyone who sent in so far! Keep ’em coming. I don’t want to feature the same…

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