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Thought Blog: Harry Styles Got Me Thinking…Why Do We Hate?

Hate. What does it REALLY mean and why do we hate?!

Show Us Your Tatts: One Direction

I felt it was only necessary to give you all what you want, more One Direction…so this “Show Us Your Tatts”is featured on the 1D boys! Which member has you swooning? See who else has shown off their ink: Austin Carlile Oli Sykes Bert McCracken Pete Wentz Trace Cyrus

The Best Of Justin Timberweek

Ok I don’t watch TV so I sadly missed out on all of the awesomeness that was Justin Timberweek on Jimmy Fallon‘s late night show!

Incase you also missed out on this visual amazingness, here are…

Were They Separated At Birth: Leo Dicaprio & Jesse McCartney

I recently did a post like this based off of musicians that look a like and  it got me thinking about 2 of my favorite people ever.

Those two people are Jesse McCartney and Leonardo Dicaprio!

New Music Spotlight: The Boy Band Project

Ok guys someone mentioned to me about this newer group called The Boy Band Project yesterday.

I had never heard of them and am just checking them out as I am writing this now…

Boy Banders And Their Tattoos

It’s official—Buzznet has caught the boy band fever! Ever since we could vote for our fave choreographed cuties we’ve become boy band obsessed. We decided to combine our newfound boy band mania with an old favorite: tattoos! Check out the best boy band tattoos and tell us which one is your fave! Is it Justin… More »

One Direction Earns How Much?! (VIDEO)

There’s no doubt that One Direction fans are hardcore. The British boyband is famous for rabid fans following them wherever they go!  Harry Styles and the rest of the group are so popular, they even have…

The 35 Awkward Faces Of One Direction’s Harry Styles

Harry Styles of One Direction can make a girl’s heat skip a beat with his good looks and killer hair. But Harry can also make a gal laugh with his charm and goofy sense of humor! Take a look at some of his best awkward faces to bring some cheer to your day! Because, “he’s… More »

BUZZNET Exclusive: Midnight Red At Knott’s Berry Farm LIVE

We had so much fun hanging at Knott’s Berry Farm last week with the ultra suave group of guys know as Midnight Red! Buzznet was there to capture some behind the scenes photos, live shots of the band’s high energy performance AND we had two very lucky contest winners who had the time of their… More »

Buzznet Exclusive: Big Time Rush Reveal New Single Artwork

Big Time Rush is ready to release a new single that will get you ready for summer! The teen idol’s new song, “Windows Down” will hit iTunes on June 25th and we…

Back 2GETHER Again?

They charmed us back when the boy band days were hot, but do they still have what it takes? Does “U” plus “Me” still equal “Us”? The 2000…

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