born and bred

WIN William’s Favorite Shirt From Born & Bred Clothing

Hey there, it’s William here! I just got home from tour and I had the pleasure of hanging out with my new friends at Born & Bred Clothing. After beating them in a game…

Born & Bred Launch New Fall Line!

One of my favorite clothing companies for comfy, casual wear has launched their new fall line. I’m absolutely ecstatic that they’ve beefed up their girl options with cute printed leggings and off-the-shoulder sweatshirts in their classic heathered colors. All this stuff will go very nicely with the PINK sweatpants I finally bought after years of… More »

Born and Bred Spring Preview — Hello Comfiest Shirt Ever!

Hi Everyone,

Today…er today-ish (yesterday?) we took this insane overnight drive from Denver to Iowa City. Sleeping in the van, when your van is breaking down like ours and sounds like your driving a go kart…

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