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Chilly Weather Essentials

Los Angeles’ weather has been pretty stubborn about changing to fall. But, the cold breezes and crisp air has arrived. Fall is the perfect time to get…

Trend Alert: Studs, Studs And More Studs

I feel like an on-going, yet amazing trend has been studs. I see them on accessories, shirts, bags, boots etc. The best part is you can do it at home as a fun DIY project too. I added some of my favorite studded things to the trend gallery. Which one is YOUR favorite?! Previous Trend:… More »

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I thought this was just the cutest video, of course there are many cute dog videos but I think this is the first one I’ve posted. The dog Barkley is a Shiba Inu from Japan. Barkley only weighs 17 pounds and they feed him baby carrots for a treat. He gives us a treat by… More »

Celebrities Love Dr. Martens

When Doc Martens were first introduced in the early 1960s they were all about comfort, practicality and the timeless design of the boot. Rad subcultures began to adopt the boot style and by the 1970s they were popular among the mods, glam, punks, ska, psychobillies, Goths, hardcore, straight-edge, grunge, Britpop, AKA everyone that is cool…. More »

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A Bunch Of Boots To Get You Excited For Fall

You know who is excited for summer to end? NO ONE probably. That is, except for me. As I’ve mentioned infinity times before, I do not care for summer fashion. I particularly loathe summer footwear, i.e sandals and (shudder) flip-flops. So in order to get through the remaining weeks of warm weather fashion hell, I… More »

Miley Cyrus’ Denim Shorts & Black Blouse: Hot Or Not?

It seems Miley Cyrus is out and about a lot these days and every day her outfits just get hotter and hotter. After an unfortunate trip to the emergency room following a cut on her finger, Miley is out shopping with a gal pal and looks quite happy! Some media websites were saying how she… More »

Jaded Minx, where have you been all my life?

So thanks to RAW Artists, I have discovered the best kept secret in online shoe shopping history. Well, only if you’re not afraid to rock some crrrraaazy shoes. Here are my favorites I found. They’re all reasonably priced too! Between $40-70. Not bad compared to most similar sites I’ve seen.

My Top 10 Of Britney Spears Best Outfits // Winter 2011

We are just greet 2012, but there still a blog I have to write, it’s about my favorite Britney’s outfits of this winter. In the last two months of 2011 we have seen Britney rocking…

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two colors you really can’t go wrong with this winter…or, EVER.

I love dressing up and being glamorous but when I don’t feel…

Tie It Up: 25 Lace-Up Boots for Under $250

Some might call my fondness for boots of all kinds a sickness of sorts, but I prefer to look at it as more of a very very very strong affinity. Now that Fall is finally here, the boot selection is enough to make a girl’s head spin. Lace-up boots are some of my favorite kind… More »

Fashion Inspiration: Freddy Krueger

Mr. Krueger may be the king of all horror kings, but who knew he coule be so fashionable?

In honor of Halloween I have compiled a fashion post…

Walk This Way: Fall Shoes are Here!

They’re here! They’re here! FALL SHOES. In a follow up to my summer shoe wishlist, it’s high time to update my shoe wardrobe to protect my feetsies from the looming chilly weather that’s soon to ascend on Boston. Check out my faves – it’s bootie time!

My Top 5 of Britney’s outfits and accessories – May 2011

This month Britney has been really busy between rehearsals for her Femme Fatale tour, benefit dinner, hosting Wango Tango and performing at Billboard Awards.

A full month before the beginning of her American leg that will…

Street Style: Positively Portland

Portland may not be the capital of bright and sunny, but it’s locals sure have the bug! Style and smiles wherever you look, take a peek at the street style of Portland, Oregon.

Fashion Film: Dr. Martens

Watch models Louis Simonon (son of The Clash bassist Paul Simonon) and Phoenix Richmond stomp and play during this behind the scenes of the photoshoot for Dr. Marten’s

Heels are my best friends

Yesterday I went to shopping with my mum and I bought this fantastic heels to only 20€ (less of 27$), in those past weeks I always looked them and I didn’t decide to…

Velvet Dr Martens

Velvet Dr. Martens are on my wish list… the blood red ones are a must have. Anyone else agree with me? I feel like my whole closet is turing…

Trendspotting with…Hanna Beth Part II

it’s actually starting to get chilly in LA and time to break out sweaters, jackets and your new hot pair of boots you’ve been dying to wear.

i’m personally loving so many of the styles im…