Great People Do Exist! ATL, Cassadee Pope And Mayday Visit Boston!

As we all know this month has been filled with heart break, fear and shock. 

April 15th was the day that changed many lives all over the country and the world, it marks the day that…

Get The Look: Rihanna Has Fun With Bombers And Colored Jeans

Yes, actually I do spend a lot of time wishing I looked like Rihanna, also rifling through her Instagram for the 40th time also wondering “what is Rihanna thinking right now?”, but really who doesn’t? (Most people probably). Anyway, I too wish that buying a few items of clothing could magically transform me into bad… More »

Meet More Dwarves From ‘The Hobbit’: Bofus, Bomber and Bifur

It seems that new dwarves from the upcoming flick The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey are popping up and being revealed every day!

Yesterday we saw Fili and Gili and Oin and Gloin, who joined…

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