HAIRSPIRATION: the shoulder length bob

It’s officially been one year since I got married, changed into KELTIE KNIGHT and cut off all my hair, and since then…I’ve noticed, I was totally a trend setter! SO many people cut their hair like me on TV after! So, it’s time to trend set again and do some growing out and I am… More »

Hair Inspiration: 40 Great Bob Haircuts

I’ve been growing out my hair for years for our wedding, and now that it is close I cannot wait to chop it all off after the wedding! I’m convinced I would like a short, shoulder length, one length bob haircut. I’ve been looking to the interwebs for all kind of inspiration, and somewhere between… More »

The best Runway Hairstyle’s

The runway is not just a stage for fashion – it is also an amazing showcase of beauty and hair inspiration. There is no better place to gain knowledge of what is cutting edge in the world of hair. Who could have predicted the Karlie Kloss hair revival? (Well, maybe her kookies had a part… More »

The Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

I have a short pink bobbed wig, it’s my alter ego. I kinda love it although my natural hair is very wavy so I could never do it in real life! Have you ever rocked one? WHICH CELEBRITY IS WEARING THE BEST BOB?

Gym Class Heroes, B.o.B. and Neon Hitch Talk ‘Rock’ Superbowl

If you watched the Superbowl this Sunday, you know that the melding of music + sports happened mostly in the commercials (for cars)–but Buzznet got to mingle with some artists in town for the…


For the past two weeks, all of you music fans at Buzznet have been voting for who you thought would take home the awards at the MTV Video Music Awards.  We used those choices to…

Hayley Williams and B.o.B. at the MTV VMAS 2010

Performing ‘Airplanes’ together.

Hayley Williams and B.o.B. at the MTV VMAS 2010

Performing ‘Airplanes’ together.

hot guyzz..


my chemical romance..



h0t guys!!

my chem!!

gee is wearing a…

gee en bob on cam3..

lol…gee is making face agen but still hands0me.. they lo0k s0 cute and funny!!

gee en bob on cam2

well..theyre s0 cute on cam…specially gee..they lo0k s0 funny!!

gee and vov on cam..

theyre s0 cutie!!

My Chemical Romance


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