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MCR deny encore, give away tickets through Buzznet


A local press outlet put out a review of My Chemical Romance’s show in Manila—seems as if fans around those parts were not enthusiastic enough for Gerard Way’s…

Rip off artists!

So by now, you’ve probably heard about the scandal involving Gerard Way, an independent comic publisher, and The Umbrella Academy.  This comes on the heels of Marylin Manson’s accusations that MCR ripped off his…


Hey!  The auction I blogged about here is live! 

Reserve is $50 AU…which figures out to about $45 US.  If you’re bidding from a country other than Australia and need a currency converter, you’re…

My Chemical Romance “The Ghost of You”

For some reason I watched this video this morning. Apparently because I forgot that it makes me cry. So now I share my pain. Or the humiliation that comes with confessing I cry over a My Chem video.

You too can prevent forest fires…I mean, save lives

There are some fans who talk about how MCR saved their lives.  I’m not one of them, but at the same time I understand how music can do that.  And since that was the goal…

Bob Bryar UPDATE

This is brought to you by My Chemical Column:

DJ Ginger of Q101 in Chicago announced this morning, during her radio
show, information she was given from the horses mouth…

Top 10 Hip-hop songs we’d like to see MCR cover.

By we, I mean Christine and I. We are about to take you on a journey. A journey to a place where Gee ends his words with “izzle” and Frankie flashes his grill. Come…

bob my her0!

gee en bob on cam!

well..rep0st,rep0st,rep0st! it has part 2 and 3..searck for it..gee en bob on cam2 & gee en bob on cam 3!

gee en bob on cam3..

lol…gee is making face agen but still hands0me.. they lo0k s0 cute and funny!!

gee en bob on cam2

well..theyre s0 cute on cam…specially gee..they lo0k s0 funny!!

gee and vov on cam..

theyre s0 cutie!!

mCr’s christmas sh0w!!!

very long sh0w..merry christmas gee!!

aLL i waNt f0r chriStmAs iS y0u..gee way

gee’s v0ice was great..oh heart-melting…very touching s0ng..

my playlist!!

itz great…a lot of mcr’s song in one playlist!

Interview with My Chemical Romance

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