Fall Out Boy Members Call For An End to the Drama

So the explosion of drama (or as I like to call it, dramasplosion!) that followed the Fall Out Boy article in Blender has been rocking Buzznet for <a

Patrick Stump Comments on Fall Out Boy Blender Article, Blender Comments Back

Buzznet already reported on Andy Hurley and Pete Wentz‘s reactions to the new article in Blender about Fall Out Boy.  And now, <span style="font-weight:

Avril: This is why I’m hot.

Avril on alkie:I used to drink like a motherf*cker. But I’m way more mature now.

On her…

gameboy COLOR

Pete Wentz name drops Buzznet

Thanks Pete, we love you! This is in the newest issue of Blender. Score. PS. If you’re on, you should add me, cause Natalie is my only friend so far.

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